Saturday, August 16, 2014

American Family Association Criticizes Archie Comics over "The Occult and Homosexuality"

This bit of commentary from the American Family Association has been circulating all week. Bascially, Tim Wildmon and Ed Vitagliano of the AFA are upset with various forms of media for promoting "the occult and homosexuality" and specifically targeted Archie Comics for their recent "Death of Archie" storyline for scorn, noting that Archie was recently shot saving his friend Kevin Keller who is married to another man and who advocates for gun rights.

Follow this link for video footage of their discussion, but here was the money quote from Ed Vitagliano:
Young people and children have been targeted through television, through cartoons, through comics. This is not a new development. Since the 90s, comic books have changed and have been increasingly had the occult and homosexuality... All this stuff. When kids grow with this and y'know music and pop stars... When kids... I know I sound like an old crank, but when kids grow up being fed lies, why should we surprised if they believe lies? Why should we be surprised if they suddenly say "I see nothing wrong with same-sex marriage." These kids grew up watching their parents laugh at "Will & Grace," which changed people's opinions, and now the kids don't have a problem with it and Christians looks around and say "What happened to our children?"
Jonathan of the Riverdale Podcast was noting this commentary earlier today and had an interesting opinion. His thought is that Archie Comics is less about leading on the popularity of LGBT inclusion or magical characters and instead responding to those elements within the larger culture.

That said, have you ever noticed that when people criticize Archie Comics for its inclusion of their gay teen character Kevin Keller that they never comment negatively about the recent portrayals of incest between the Blossom twins?

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Donny Jacobs said...

As you know, Jon, I've developed Jason Blossom as a character, and while he's kinky enough, incest is NOT his style.

As for Cheryl Blossom, I always saw her as another Veronica, only not as well realized. Her character strikes me as being uncalled-for. Jason is much more interesting to me, God rest his bootlegging soul!