Monday, August 25, 2014

Deadpool Versus Brute Force in DEADPOOL BI-ANNUAL #1!

I am super-stoked about the upcoming DEADPOOL BI-ANNUAL #1, which will be published sometime next month. It's a 40-page story featuring Deadpool and a nearly forgotten team from my earlier comic book days: Brute Force!

Brute Force is a team of cyborg animals who use their enhanced intelligence and weaponized tech to save the planet. They consist of Lionheart the lion, Hip Hop the kangaroo, Soar the eagle, Surfstreak the dolphin, and Wreckless the bear. They end up going up against a team of bad animals called Heavy Metal and causing all sorts of mischief. Frankly, I assumed that they were part of some toy franchise, but apparently Marvel Comics owns the rights to these characters outright!

Which allows these great eco-warriors to go up against Marvel's Merc with a Mouth!:
(Deadpool takes) a contract from an aquatic amusement park called Water World, which entails dealing with a bunch of eco-activists who have been causing trouble for the company. Things get a little more complicated than that when he realizes that said “eco-activists” are actually Brute Force, the Marvel Universe’s very own team of cybernetically enhanced humanoid animals.
I actually read the original BRUTE FORCE four-issue limited series back in 1990. I liked the idea of animal super-heroes and initially hoped that Marvel Comics would find it's own version of Captain Planet with this team of conservation heroes. But the artwork was flat and the stories were uninspired.

And now they are back! Is it too much to hope for a future team-up with the Pet Avengers??

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