Friday, August 22, 2014

Giraffe Kisses & Then Kicks Woman at Zoo

One woman met the wrong animal when she broke into a giraffe enclosure at the Henry Villas Zoo in Madison, WI. 24-year-old Amanda Hall got past one of the barriers to the giraffe pens and met up with 2-year-old Wally the Giraffe. The 12-foot-tall giraffe licked her and then kicked her in the face! Hall survived the encounter, but ended up with 10 stitches below her lip.

She has been charged with harassment of zoo animals and faces a $686 fine. Police claim that Hall climbed over one fence and was trying to get through a second fence when she encountered Wally.

Hall disputes this, claiming that she "easily stepped over a 3-foot-high gate-like barrier and did not climb the second fence." She plans to dispute this charge:
Hall said she grew up with animals like horses and cattle, and stressed that she doesn't fault the zoo or the giraffe. Nobody is to blame for what happened, she said... “I got hit in the face by a giraffe. I had to deal with all that. That was a lot of pain to deal with already.  I don’t need a fine and this on my record. I don’t 'harass' zoo animals. I’m an animal lover.”
Hall apologized to the zoo for "stepping over the line."


Katy Anders said...

A lot of people don't get the whole concept of wild animals, apparently...

Jon said...


I heard this story today on the Stephanie Miller show. I almost crashed from laughing so hard!!