Thursday, August 14, 2014

Meet the Equalizer in KEVIN KELLER #14!

Have you read KEVIN KELLER #14 yet? You should because it's a lot of fun! This is the final story arc of this comic book series featuring Riverdale's first gay teen. Dan Parent assures us that a revised comic book series featuring Kevin Keller will be published in 2015, but this is the beginning of the end for now.

This story transforms Kevin into a comic book super hero. This was promised nearly a year ago, but several months of publishing delays pushed back the debut of The Equalizer way too long. You can see a full image of Kevin Keller as the Equalizer at this link. (Or if you'd prefer Stuffed Animal's Golden Age-inspired Equalizer, check out this link!!) I personally prefer his Las Vegas reject costume, but nobody promised me!

How exactly did Kevin adopt this new alter ego? Let me tell you...

Kevin and Veronica are exercising in Smithtown. Is this Riverdale's answer to Boystown? Either way, they interrupt the mugging of an old woman. Kevin shows off all of the self-defense moves that his military dad had taught him and takes out the mugger. This attracts a ton of local media attention, which begins to drive Kevin batty!

Veronica then reveals her new scheme. She has built a secret crime lab and created new super hero identities for both Kevin and herself: Equalizer and Power Teen! It takes a test mission and a sexy male assistant, but Kevin eventually accepts his new comic book origin!

KEVIN KELLER #14 introduces two new (implied) gay characters: Young Peter...

... and Equalizer's new assistant Tony!

Personally, I'm betting that Tony becomes Equalizer's new criminal nemesis! That's my hunch and I'm sticking to it!

"That's Really Super Kevin!" is written & penciled by Dan Parent and inked by Rick Koslowski.


Anthony said...

There's an actual Smithtown in real life; it's located on Long Island, aka suburban NYC:,_New_York

Riverdale seems implied to be within driving distance of NYC in some modern stories...

Donny Jacobs said...

Still not crazy about the costume, Jon, but this looks promising. A super-villain that the hero is attracted to, that's always a good plot device. Hard to imagine Veronica being anybody's sidekick, though!

Jon said...

Keep in mind, I have no idea if Tony will become the villain. But it makes sense. And it would be more of an impact for Kevin.

I think back to the old Super Teens days, when everyone BUT Veronica had powers. She was the damsel in distress until the early 90s.

Then she became Ms. Vanity with screaming powers and a tacky costume. I could grow to accept another female character with screaming abilities. But I hated that old costume and code-name. I much prefer Ronnie's new costume and code-name.