Sunday, August 24, 2014

D'Angelo Completes the #ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!

I wrote earlier this week about the ALS "Ice Bucket Challenges" that have been circulating recently on television and social media. I shared my reservations about this effort there, but also noted that tens of millions of dollars have been raised through this online phenomena.

One day later, I got challenged to do the "Ice Bucket Challenge" by my mother-in-law. I would share it here, but she has her Facebook settings set on private. I toyed with doing a video, but then decided to make a donation instead.

Then I came home this afternoon and was asked to help my son with something. It turns out that D'Angelo was challenged to do the ALS "Ice Bucket Challenge" by a friend and he needed me to help him complete the challenge. How could I turn down my beloved son??

I filmed D' on our back porch -- and quickly realized that I forgot to record the video!! We decided to chill some more water for a second challenge. One hour later, we stage another challenge video -- and quickly realized that I again forgot to record the video!!

Fortunately, my video recording efforts were successful on our third attempt!! So D' ended up dumping icy water on his head three times -- all in the name of ALS research and treatment! What a trooper!

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