Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Nebraska Protects Heterosexual Marriages by Refusing to Issue Driver's License to Married Lesbian

The state of Nebraska protected the marriages of its heterosexual population by refusing to issue a state driver's license to a married lesbian. You can read the details here.

Here is the nutshell. A married lesbian from Council Bluffs, IA, moved to Omaha, NE, with her wife and children. She attempted to update her driver's license and they refused to acknowledge her marriage certificate which reflected her married name as opposed to her maiden name.

Here is where she made her mistake: she and her family moved a few miles to the west from a state that recognizes and protects her marriage and others like it to a neighboring state that refuses to legally acknowledge her family.

I was born in Nebraska. I will never live there as long as it is a marriage inequality state. It's not safe for me or my family.

This family needs to shift back into Iowa again. IMHO, as always...

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Katy Anders said...

This story is so absurd that I can't even talk about it...

It's another example of a state taking its anti-gay marriage position to Alice-in Wonderland lengths - as when Texas wouldn't let anyone change the sex on their birth certificate, but then wouldn't let an M-to-F transgender woman marry a woman.

Maybe you got it right - we just need to stay out of the hostile states.