Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Omaha Cop Shoots & Kills Sound Technician from the "Cops" TV Show

A sound technician from the "Cops" television program named Bryce Dion was killed by Omaha Police last night. He was the victim of "friendly fire" during a robbery call at a local Wendy's restaurant.
Dion and (cameraman Michael) Lee had followed police officers to a Wendy's restaurant where a robbery was reported to be in progress. When police confronted the suspect he fired twice, according to witnesses cited by Schmaderer. Officers returned fire, striking the suspect, 32-year-old Cortez Washington, multiple times. One shot also hit Dion.

It turned out that shot could not have come from Washington, because the suspect was only armed with an Airsoft pistol, which fires plastic pellets.

Despite his injuries, Washington managed to escape out the back door before he collapsed in the Wendy's parking lot. It was there police discovered he had not been armed with a real pistol.

"The Airsoft pistol looks and functions like an actual firearm," Schmaderer said. Police presented stills from video of the robbery to demonstrate why the officers felt the suspect was threatening them with a real handgun.
According to CNN, Washington tried escaping from the police through a portion of the restaurant where Dion was positioned.

The "Cops" team has been filming alongside Omaha Police since June 2014. The program plans to air "six or seven" episodes based out of Omaha.

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