Saturday, August 16, 2014

"Riverdale Podcast #128" Scoops Kevin Keller and Betty & Veronica!

You guys know that I'm a big fan of the Riverdale Podcast. This Archie Comics fan podcast has been running every week for a few years now. Jonathan has asked me on a few times in the past and that has always been a good time.

You should listen to episode 128 right now, but there is so much goodness in it! Not only does he review KEVIN KELLER #14. Jonathan also has two interviews with Mark Waid and Dan Parent from the recent Boston Comic Con! Both interviews are great and full of tons of exclusive reveals.

Check out these cool scoops:

1. Dan Parent gave more definitive hints about the new KEVIN KELLER series that is to be launched in 2015. He suggested that the new series may be launched initially as a digital-only title, though that's still being decided. More official details should be revealed at this year's New York Comic Con.

2. However, he was pretty clear that Kevin Keller will be slightly older in this new series. Archie Comics has been struggling a lot (it seems from my perspective) with how to write a gay teen character. They appear to be uncomfortable with gay teen PDAs, though this has improved a bit in recent months. Also, I get the impression that they prefer the older Kevin Keller from the LIFE WITH ARCHIE series compared to the younger one.

My prediction? This new series will feature Kevin Keller as a cadet or private in the military and it will also introduce Clay Walker. 

3. Dan Parent also discussed the upcoming "Farewell Betty & Veronica" storyline in BETTY & VERONICA #272. It was confirmed that this will be a six-issue storyline.

Additionally, it cleared up that the Indian character filling B&V's shoes will indeed be Amisha Mehta!! Which is completely, totally cool! Originally it was going to be a completely, totally new Indian character. However, they decided to use Amisha for this storyline following her recent move to Riverdale in ARCHIE #653.

Lastly -- and this has nothing to do with the Boston Comic Con --, Jonathan reminded his listeners that Power-Teen predates this week's KEVIN KELLER #14. Veronica assumed this super hero identity back in VERONICA #111-112. I cannot find those issues on the Archie App Store, but I did find a subsequent storyline featuring Power-Teen. I'm toying with doing a retro-review of that second appearance later in this blog!


Donny Jacobs said...


Check your recent email for your first look at Amisha's son, TV director Raj Patel, Jr, in the year 2051!

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Fender is a cutie too!