Tuesday, August 12, 2014

So I Thought I Was Having A Mild Heart Attack Late Last Night...

So I thought I was having a mild heart attack late last night.

I guess I should explain. I was at a family wedding this past weekend. I spent a good hour Sunday morning cleaning up a reception hall -- specifically loading roughly 350 folding chairs onto a wheeled storage unit and then shoving them into one corner of the building. As a result, my pecs and my arms had become increasingly achy. Additionally, my stomach muscles were bothering me too. On top of that, my back was sore and I was developing a horrible headache last night.

All of these symptoms became uncomfortable enough last night that I woke up at around 4:30 in the morning today. I took some Tylenol and went back to bed and tried to go back to sleep.

Except then I began thinking about my symptoms. Which got me thinking about my dad, who had his heart attack when he was roughly my age.

So I decided to go online and look up the symptoms of a heart attack, which included chest pain and pressure, headaches, uncomfortable limbs, and back pain. It also listed nausea, which I really didn't have, but my stomach was a little sore, which was close enough!

On top of that, they listed general dread and anxiety as a possible symptom, which didn't help me at all! I mean, why else would I be web-searching the symptoms of heart attacks at five in the fricking morning if I wasn't generally anxious about having a heart attack??

And then there was the list of symptoms that included "lack of symptoms" as a sign of a heart attack(!!). How does one cope with that??

My OTC pain meds started kicking in about this time and then Husband Mark -- sufficiently awoken by my fretting -- checked my pulse and administered some creme for muscle pain. And gradually I decided that I wasn't dealing with a heart attack. But that's how my day began.

Anyway, I already needed to schedule an appointment with my doctor for a physical soon. So I guess I will be making that call within the week.


Donny Jacobs said...

Yes, Jon, please do. I hope you have a good doctor that will be diligent about diagnosing those symptoms. I woke up one day unable to reach behind my back with my left hand. I still don't have full movement; the doctors I consulted had no idea what was wrong.

Jon said...

I truly believe it was sore muscles, a headache, and late night anxiety. I had a good day. Plus I did my normal evening workout with no problems. But I'll still get in very soon for my physical.

I kind of needed to work through this particular demon "on paper," so to speak. But I'll attend to my doctor.

Thanks Donny! :)