Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Former City Manager Dead Following Shooting at Jackson County Courthouse in Maquoketa, IA // Update: Shooter Committed Suicide

(Originally written on 09/09/14): There was news of a shooting and lock down at the Jackson County Courthouse in Maquoketa, IA, earlier today. Initial reports indicated that at least one person was injured and that the shooting suspect had been sustained. It was later clarified that the shooting suspect was actually deceased, following a struggle for his weapon.

The shooting suspect was Francis "Gus" Glaser (age 71), a former city manager for Maquoketa and current resident of the community. Glaser reportedly was upset over the tax assessment of his home. Glaser showed up to this morning Jackson County Board of Supervisors meeting to complain about his property taxes and, according to Jackson County Sheriff Russ Kettman, was "not happy." The BOS meeting got heated and "vocal." Eventually, the supervisors decided to stop the meeting allowed the county assessor to leave the meeting room.

Glaser then pulled a handgun from his briefcase. He fired one shot at county assessor Deb Lane, who ended up escaping injury. Glaser was then tackled by county supervisor Larry "Buck" Koos and two others in the audience. Glaser's gun fired again. This bullet struck Glaser himself and eventually killed him.
It's worth noting that there are no metal detectors at the Jackson County Courthouse, outside of deputy staff and a hand-held metal detector. It's also worth noting that Glaser did not have a permit to purchase or carry a firearm.

Updated on 09/10/14: An autopsy has been performed by the Iowa State Medical Examiner on the body of former Maquoketa city manager Francis Glaser. He was the man who tried shooting Jackson County assessor Deb Lane and then died during a subsequent struggle.

The autopsy showed that Glaser committed suicide during yesterday's struggle. He died from a single gunshot wound to the head and neck.

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