Thursday, September 18, 2014

Iowa City School Board Member Arrested & Charged with Domestic Abuse // Updated on 09/18/14: Charges Have Been Dropped // Questions Have Not Been Answered

Originally written on 09/07/14: Iowa City School Board member Tuyet Dorau was arrested early this morning and accused of domestic violence. Coralville Police were called to Dorau's home at 1:20 AM this morning to investigate a domestic dispute.

According to the victim and a witness, there had been an argument in the home. It has been alleged that Dorau escalated the argument by striking him with a clothes hanger and kicking him in the stomach when he tried holding her down in order to get her to stop striking him with the clothes hanger. Coralville Police report that the victim had scratches and redness on his abdomen.

Dorau has been charged with one court of domestic assault without intent to cause injury, which is a serious misdemeanor punishable by up to one year in jail. She was booked at the Johnson County Jail and later released at 10:37 AM today after posting a $1,000 cash bond.

The victim in this case has requested a no-contact order.

Updated on 09/18/14: It was announced yesterday that domestic abuse charges have been dropped against Iowa City School Board member Tuyet Dorau. Even though the victim had initially requested a no-contact order, it was subsequently dropped the next day. It is unclear why charges were dropped other than the victim asked for them to dropped.

Subsequent news articles repeat that she was alleged to have struck her victim with a clothes hanger, physically attacked him, and kicked him in the abdomen. No additional information about the domestic fight have been released and Dorau has been silent, despite promising to issue a formal statement this week.

I wouldn't normally care this much except that she is one of our elected officials.

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