Monday, September 8, 2014

Michael Sam Signed to Dallas Cowboys' Practice Squad // Christian Lobbyist Already Plotting Anti-Cowboys Protest // Update: The Anti-Michael Sam Protest Was Canceled!

(Originally written on 09/04/14): I once wrote about Michael Sam, which is pretty good considering that I never watch NFL professional football. I don't even watch the Super Bowl. But he got drafted into the NFL back in May and garnered a lot of attention for kissing his boyfriend. I thought that meant society was finally ready to move on, but a commenter named Joyce taught me differently. But I've written once about Michael Sam.

Since then, Michael Sam has received a ton of media attention, including an awkward ESPN piece about his showering habits. His performance wasn't completely up to snuff and he ended up getting cut from the St. Louis Rams. He then got signed onto the Dallas Cowboys' practice squad, which seems like a pretty good thing. Michael Sam is now Cowboy #46.

Not everybody is happy about this. There is this anti-Michael Sam activist/GOP lobbyist named Jack Burkman who has been campaigning about Michael Sam and any NFL team that signs with him since May. Supposedly, Burkman is a member of some group named American Decency. He claims that "thousands of right-wing Christians" will be protesting against the Dallas Cowboys for signing Michael Sam onto the team's practice squad.

Keep in mind that American Decency has outright denied their involvement with this protest attempt. But they are also against Michael Sam's sinful homo-lifestyle.

Updated on 09/08/14: As noted above, "top D.C. lobbyist" Jack Burkman and American Decency had planned to protest Michael Sam and the Dallas Cowboys at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, TX, yesterday. Sadly, Burkman canceled the protest at the last minute following a series of death threats:
“I and others in my organization received death threats over the phone Saturday and early Sunday,” Burkman said from Arlington. “We took them very seriously and I did not want to risk anyone’s life to send a message.” Burkman filed a police report with the Arlington Police Department today and an investigation is now underway. “Whether gay radical activists or others made these threats is not clear yet. What is clear is that there are those who oppose us so vehemently that they will stop at nothing–and even resort to violence–to attack Christian values. Whoever did this are no different than terrorists.” 

Burkman and his Christian activist group are opposed to openly gay players in the NFL on moral grounds. Burkman has also been shopping legislation that would force NFL teams to ban openly gay players.
Keep in mind that American Decency had already disavowed their involvement with Burkman's protest of Michael Sam and the Dallas Cowboys -- though they still oppose Michael Sam's sinful homo-lifestyle.

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