Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Sen. Jack Hatch: Iowa Republicans Want to Get Rid of Iowa's Gay Marriages // Gov. Terry Branstad Doesn't Disagree

State Senator Jack Hatch (D) is running for Iowa governor. He reminded Iowa's LGBT citizens and progressive allies earlier this week that elections have consequences:
Iowa could face a divisive statewide referendum over the legalization of gay marriage if Republicans retain the governor's office and win control of both chambers of the Legislature, state Sen. Jack Hatch warned Monday...

"It is very clear that (marriage equality) will be their No. 1 priority and Iowans should be very skeptical of that," said Hatch, a supporter of same-sex marriage. "People who believe in marriage equality should realize the rights we have in Iowa are only as good as the quality of our politicians and the words of our Constitution. If they want to change the words of our Constitution, we should be very scared of the agenda of the Republican leadership."
Governor Terry Branstad (R) didn't disagree:
Branstad told reporters Monday at his weekly news briefing that... he didn't believe same-sex marriage was a settled political matter in Iowa. "I think the people of Iowa should have a vote on this," Branstad said. Although the governor does not have a direct role in determining whether a constitutional referendum would be conducted, Branstad said he would be supportive of legislative efforts to permit a vote on the issue.
Keep in mind that Iowa has been a marriage equality state for over five years now. There have been no major problems. And yet the GOP still wants to campaign against same-sex families.

Early voting in Iowa begins on Thursday. I will be at the Auditor's office during my lunch hour. Don't you forget to vote!

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