Friday, September 5, 2014

Should LGBT People & Allies Boycott Brangelina?

I was reading the Daily Iowan earlier today and found an opinion piece by somebody named L.C. Graf who advocated that progressive-minded Americans need to boycott Brangelina. Truthfully, I could get behind that effort as I hate it when couples merge their single names. Absolutely hate it. But that's not what Graf was writing about.

She is upset with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt for getting married last month in France. You may or may not know that the couple vowed in 2006 to wait for marriage until "everyone else in the county who wants to be married is legally able." Graf said that same-sex couples still cannot get married, so now we should all boycott the couple. I presume that she means that we should avoid any and all movies, TV shows, magazines, etc. that feature either of the pair.

That's Graf's prerogative.

But truthfully, this is a much different world than 2006 USA when same-sex couples were barred from marriage everywhere except Massachusetts and Vermont (if you could civil unions) and where the federal government refused to acknowledge those legal marriages.

I mean, she's writing for the Daily Iowan -- in a state that's featured same-sex marriages for over five years! It's 2014 -- 19 states permit same-sex marriage. So does Washington DC. So do several Native American tribal governments. The U.S. Government recognizes all same-sex marriages -- even those that exist in states that don't recognize our marriages. And pretty much every federal court and court of appeals that has heard cases involving recognition of our marriages have ruled in our favor.

(Same-Sex Marriage in the USA Today)
If a gay or lesbian couple really, truly wants to get legally married, they can take a road-trip to many nice states and get married. If they're smart (IMHO), they will relocate to one of those states in order to better protect their new family. But they can still go back home and be legally recognized by their federal government -- even if their state and city governments will continue to fight against their marriage!

So it's hard to hold it against Pitt and Jolie for going ahead and getting married.

I mean, I got married. I know lots of gay and lesbian couples who have gotten married. Should we all have waited until everyone could get married in their home town?

So "boycott Brangelina" for the right reason, America! Insist that people stop merging their first names! And then cut the couple a little slack.

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Donny Jacobs said...

I think it is incredibly petty to call for a "boycott" of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Granted, they should never have said they wouldn't marry until marriage equality happened; it may have been well-intentioned, but still a stupid idea.

I don't know of any Gay activist who wants to stop or halt heterosexual marriage. As a political tactic, it's questionable to say the least!

Good luck to them; I hope they are happy, and I'll accept any other kind of marriage equality activism they want to engage in.