Monday, October 13, 2014

Archie Courts a Quartet in ARCHIE #660!

Have you read ARCHIE #660 yet? Here is the scenario: Archie absentmindedly schedules four separate dates -- with Betty, Veronica, Valerie, and Cheryl -- for the same night and at the same concert. Frozen with indecision, Archie is offered a lifeline by the trickiest boy in Riverdale: Reggie!

Reggie offers to bankroll Archie's four date. However, Archie will be forced to wear a "Reggie Is #1" t-shirt everyday for a whole month if everything falls apart!

Fortunately, Archie has his best friend Jughead around to run interference! In exchange for a burger per day, Jughead promises to help make these dates successful!

What follows is several pages of Archie raggedly running from girlfriend to girlfriend while Jughead runs interference with the girls -- as well as a key group of trouble-makers such as Reggie, Jason Blossom, and Alexander -- and invents an assortment of distractions:

I'll leave it up to you to figure out how Archie gets himself out of this mess -- or if indeed he manages to get out of this unscathed!!

This was a solid story -- but probably not one of my favorites. It doesn't help that I recently read the main story in ARCHIE #1, which essentially told the same story except that Archie simultaneously took both Betty and Veronica to the same dance and used Jughead to distract his two dates. But that's just bad timing on my part. Husband Mark pointed out that I chuckled throughout this story. And that's gotta stand for something!

"Be-Four & After" is written by Alex Segura, penciled by Jeff Shultz, inked by Rich Koslowski, and lettered by Jack Morelli.


spazaru said...

I was lukewarm until Jug called human pyramid! For some reason that just put it over the top for me.

Jon said...

Yeah, that was a pretty good moment. :)

But this definitely wasn't my favorite story.