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Iowa City Man Arrested & Accused of Torturing Roommate's Kitten for Hours // Updated on 11/22/14: Fritz Continues to Heal! // Updated on 12/19/14: Another Arrest // Updated on 04/21/15: Nopoulos Changes Plea to Guilty // Updated on 07/27/14: Nopoulos Sentenced to 2 Years Probation Plus 30 Days in Jail

(Leo Nopoulos)
(Originally written on 10/15/14): A 21-year-old man from West Liberty, IA, was arrested and charged late last week with allegedly torturing his former roommate's 8-week-old kitten "non-stop, for a period lasting longer than three hours." Leo A. Nopoulos has been charged with animal torture, which is an aggravated misdemeanor, and faces up to two years in prison if convicted.

According to Nate Schloss*, he believed last week that his kitten Fritz was sick due to periodic incidents of bleeding from the cat's right eye and nose. Things would improve and then the bleeding would resume. He rushed the kitten to the pet hospital and received treatment last Wednesday evening the 8th. (Jon's note: For some reason, nobody -- including the hospital staff -- was able to recognize the signs of severe abuse. I'm just saying...)

Schloss decided last Thursday the 9th to set up his laptop to record his bedroom while he was away in order to get a better idea of what was going on with his cat. This is what happened over the course of nearly four hours while he was away:
I can't say it enough again, but it's simply a miracle after the extent of trauma my kitten Fritz sustained that he is even alive! There is a 3.5 HOUR VIDEO in police possession that shows the CONTINUOUS torture of my little kitten Fritz going on in my bathroom AND bedroom. The depth and details that I would need to explain involving everything that this recording shows would take me more than several hours to elaborate on. To give even the smallest idea as to what exactly happened, the video shows Leo leaving my room only a few times and for only several minutes at a time, AND brings 3 other friends total in at different times to show them my kitten Fritz and what he has done. Whether they have knowledge of what exactly happened is still not known. The first scene shows Leo searching my room, in, under, and around everything searching for Fritz as if he is on a mission. You see him take Fritz by the neck and throw him into my ceiling in my bathroom and hear all the sounds that follow along with, which in itself I cannot begin to explain enough. He is shown throwing my 8-week old KITTEN into the walls, doors, cupboards of my bathroom. He is shown bringing Fritz into my bedroom and violently with full force throwing Fritz into the walls, into corners, into my t.v. stand, beating Fritz with his own hands many many many times! He is shown grabbing a t.v. remote and full force beating Fritz in the head and face over and over and over. He is shown taking a Glade metal spray bottle and beating Fritz in the head over and over and over with NO REMORSE SHOWN. The metal bottle was obtained from my bathroom and brought to police as tangible evidence with blood spatter still being present all around the bottle in multiple places. This is only a BEGINNING as to what I can explain as to what occurred on Thursday, Oct. 9th.
The Press-Citizen included this extra bit of detail:
At one point, police said, the cat gets away, and Nopoulos is seen in the video actively looking for the cat; once he catches it, he continues to abuse it. Police said Nopoulos admitted to abusing the cat to his roommate, his parents and an officer.
According to Schloss, Fritz survived this abuse, though his left eye had to be removed yesterday. Additionally, Fritz is blind in his right eye, but hopefully he will eventually recover his vision in that eye.

Schloss communicated that Nopoulos admitted to the animal abuse several different times. He reportedly said that he was "fucked up" and that he has "bad voices in his head telling him to do terrible things."

*I feel a bit "oogy" about including the name of the cat's owner in this blog. However, he directed people to his Facebook account of the abuse in the comments section of the Press-Citizen article and I believe that his account gives a lot of needed detail to this horrific story.

Updated on 11/22/14: I have had requests from others to provide an update on this situation. I don't know much, but here is what I know...

The legal case against Leo Nopolous continues to wind its way slowly through the courts. The arraignment hearing is currently scheduled for 12/04/14. In other words, it's gonna be a while.

As for Fritz, he now has his own Facebook page. For the most part, Fritz appears go be mostly healed. However, he still appears to be blind or mostly blind in his right eye. At most, he is only seeing shadows at this point. He's also learning to navigate his home and how to play again quite successfully.

Earlier this month, his owners got a second cat named Squash and the two cats appear to be getting along well.

So that's the update!

Updated on 12/19/14: It seems that Fritz's Facebook page went down within the past couple days. We had an update earlier this week and now it's gone.

I'm sure that's connected to local news that there was another arrest tangentially connected to this case. Sadly, it's not what you think. I'm still pondering how to proceed.  Read here for more information.

Updated on 04/21/15: KCJJ reported earlier today that Leo Nopoulos has changed his plea to guilty related to last year's Animal Torture charge. He faces up to two years in prison, but I would guess that a lesser sentence has been negotiated in exchange for this written plea.

Updated on 07/27/15: The Iowa City Press-Citizen reported this evening that Leo Nopoulos has been sentenced to two years of supervised probation for animal torture and 30 days in jail for drunken driving related to an arrest discussed further down in the comments thread:
In his defense, his lawyer, Joseph Moreland, emphasized Nopoulos' progress in multiple rehabilitation programs and his six months of sobriety following his first arrest, and said Nopoulos was an Eagle Scout who grew up on a farm with cats. But, he said he recognized the gravity of his client's crime...

Nopoulos himself admitted to multiple years of drug use at the sentencing, saying he had failed to recognize the extent of his addiction. "I'm completely beside myself with remorse and sorrow," Nopoulos said at the sentencing. "I'm not a violent person at all..."

At the sentencing, Moreland called Bettendorf-based substance abuse counselor Jeff Ribble, who has worked with Nopoulos, as a witness to Nopoulos' recovery... Ribble said a cocaine-induced psychosis explained Nopoulos' actions in torturing the cat, and advised against sending him to prison for an extended period of time...

Moreland did admit that a short time in jail would be motivation for Nopoulos to continue his recovery.
Nopoulos also received a two-year suspended jail sentence for the charges of animal torture and abuse. He will not serve that time unless he violates the terms of his probation. He is currently serving his 30-day drunken driving sentence.


Anonymous said...

I would like to make a donation towards the vet bills and rehabilitation of Fritz. Is there a mechanism by which this can be done? Also, has a court date been set for Leo Nopoulos? This abuse should not be swept under the rug with a slap to the wrist. This abuser needs go to jail where he has time to think about his cruelty. I would like to be present when Nopoulos has his day in court. Thank you.

Jon said...

Iowa Courts Online indicate that there's currently a preliminary hearing on the 27th of October.

Carrejt said...

You can sign a petition for a harsher sentence here:

Amber said...

I am unable to find the petition, which I would VERY MUCH like to sign and help spread the word. I copied and pasted the link and also searched his name on the petition hub site but it said no results found. Was this petition removed? I wouldn't mind being there when this loser goes to court, either.

Jon said...

Must've been. It was there a while ago. Since then, the county attorney said in an interview that the judge would not be swayed by a petition if/when sentencing came up.

Amber said...

That's too bad. Hope they give him the punishment he deserves. Or as close as the law will allow.

Anonymous said...

FRITZ the Kitten ABUSER ...Leo A. Nopoulos Creates BLOG

Hi there,

I was looking into current info about Fritz, and found on GOOGLE, these 2 BLOGs
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Fritz the Kitten , ABUSER..."Leo A. Nopoulos" HIMSELF!!!


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What is This Scums Game !


Lawmaker calls for tougher animal cruelty laws after cat injured in Iowa City


Jon said...

Somehow I don't think that he actually created those blogs...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous again...
Hmmmm... Jon, Maybe I am naive.
I was just so blown away and "MAD"
(emphasis respectfully minimized) at seeing that blog info casually stated, It did not occur to me, what your thought is.

Either way the Scum should rot and burn in a VERY HOT PLACE! ! !

Sounds like Iowa has some very
"minimalish", "hand slap" or even non- enforced, penalties for these types of crimes. Based on other (Iowa) news stories I have read.

I hope a donation account for Fritz's medical care might be set up at a national bank, then people could make a donation in their own hometown.

To Fritz, We are holding and cradling you in our hearts.

Jon, Please keep us posted on any news and developments.


Scarlatti said...

Deuteronomy 32:35

"Vengeance is mine and recompense, for the time when their foot shall slip; for the day of their calamity is at hand, and their doom shall come swiftly."

God's word. The cat abuser is in for God's vengeance.

I pray for Fritz's recovery and for you, Jon.

Jon said...

Thanks for your prayers. I'm sure I can use them.

Jon said...

It occurred to me after reading the last couple posts that I should clarify that this isn't my cat. I just blogged about this incident.

Scarlatti said...

I realized that after I read your Bio. I didn't think my comments went through twice. Please feel free to delete the first one. Thx.

Anonymous said...

I too know that Fritz belongs to a friend of yours or is simply a situation you are keenly aware of. You seem to be a bit closer to and/or able to access details of how Fritz is doing and the status of the case. If you hear anything
as time goes on, Please keep us posted.

Best Wishes to You, Nate and FRITZ.

Jon said...

I posted an update above. Thanks for that suggestion. :)

Anonymous said...

There isn't a punishment too severe for this sociopath lowlife. Anyone who would do this to a kitten for hours should not be free. He's sick and sadistic and should stay locked up. I don't suppose we'll ever hear what sentence he'll be given

Anonymous said...

listen up JON of JONS BLOG... you are a fucking retard. I know you have to "approve" of any messages that go up on this thread and I know you wont approve of what im about to say so at least read it. my name is jacod and I went to high school with leo I have known this guy for 10 years. LAY THE FUCK OFF YOU PIECE OF SHIT YOU DONT KNOW THE WHOLE STORY. he was drugged by his psychopath roommate who gave him a beer with GHB in it (which is roofalin). his roommate nate schloss is the one who drugged him and the police finally figured that out and they also found all the rape videos that nate had of women he had been sexually abusing for years.... Leo went completely insane because of a severe psychoactive reaction to the drug that was given to him. he doesn't remember anything, he loves cats, he grew up on a farm ive been to his house many times he has like 20 cats and dogs and he treats them all extremely respectfully and with love. bro seriously you are trying to ruin his life lay off this kid is an eagle scout, a highly regarded member of the community and an honor student. IM NOT AT ALL DEFENDING WHAT HE DID TO THAT CAT AND NEITHER DOES HE, THAT WAS HORRIFIC AND THERE IS NO WAY AROUND THAT!!! but seriously he did not know what he was doing I have talked to him many times since and he is extremely saddened by this event obviously. if you have the balls to write me back shoot me an email

do your research next time please

Anonymous said...

yo make sure you read the whole message I just sent you jon, this is Jacob again

Jon said...

Jacob: Thanks for the contribution. I posted a blog article with a few updates about a prominent local new story. This story has been written about on many newspapers and on many TV news programs. It's also been blogged about by many more than me, not to mention countless posts on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagam, etc.

I can always get rid of this particular blog post, but the news story will be out there on the Internet on countless other news websites and blogs.

I've relooked at what I've written about Leo. I've linked to news articles and to his former roommate's initial account of the attack on Fritz. I've tried to be fair about what I wrote about him. Granted, some of the commenters came here pretty heated.

As far as research goes, most of the developments involving Schloss didn't become publicly known until late last month. I wrote about those charges and provided an update in this post: And I provided a link to that post in my latest update on this post.

USCTrojanCutie said...

My BIGGEST CONCERN, at the end of the day in this whole mess, is WHERE IS FRITZ NOW? I honestly hope and pray that he is in a loving place and being cared for with compassion and kindness.

It's unfortunate….the turn-of-events with these two (Leo and Nathan). I've been following this case for months now, and was really disappointed to learn of the recent events with Nathan, because on his Facebook page he always seemed SO OVERWHELMINGLY LOVING to that kitten....It's a bummer that he's taken the page down, because I think it really showed his caring side. OK, what he did was 100000% wrong. There is zero excuse, but he did love Fritz a LOT, and the cat was definitely treated with love and compassion.

What I find interesting, (and amusing), is the "Friend of Leo" who is ranting and raving on this blog in the comments, defending Leo and telling the blog owner that he's got it all wrong about Leo...That it's Nathan who's the bad one and will be going to jail for longer. Blah-Blah-Blah. Bottom line -- they are BOTH wrong in what they did.

(Not sure if Blog Owner, Jon, had the “balls” to respond to “Friend of Leo”, but I certainly do…..So here goes…..just for kicks-and-giggles, let me respond to the posts by Leo’s Friend:

First, I find it interesting that Leo's "Friend" asserts that (now) Leo is using Nathan's unfortunate situation as a means to build his own defense. Had Nathan's wrongdoings NOT been "discovered", then I highly doubt that Leo would have defended himself by saying he was "drugged by Nathan":

According to the “Friend of Leo”, LEO'S (NEW AND IMPROVED) DEFENSE IS: "I was Drugged by Nathan with GHB and was out-of-my-mind and that's why I tortured and abused the kitten".

...Seriously though?

I mean, really, Leo.....So what you are saying, is that every single time (repeatedly) that you abused Fritz, again and again, you were drugged by Nathan before he left the house and you thus abused Fritz?

Yeah....nice try, but I'd love to see THAT defense hold-up at trial.

NOTE TO FRIEND OF LEO: Please if I am missing a golden nugget in that defense, I'd love to hear more, but to me, if I was a juror, I'd find that pretty hard to believe.

Second, you try to defend him on your own behalf, and claim: "this kid is an eagle scout, a highly regarded member of the community and an honor student."

Really? Well he's not a highly-regarded member of the community anymore....and being an Eagle Scout doesn't eliminate the fact that he's also a violent sadist, and I’m sure he never showed this violent/sadistic side when working with his scout group. Then he'd never be an eagle scout in the first place, right?! And an honor student? hmmmm...ok again, being book smart does not mean you still can't be an angry sadistic human being. I mean, look at all of the thousands of "normal" highly-regarded corporate executives, who are pedophiles behind closed doors, as an example. Analogy for your friend Leo. So, nice try defending him based on his "accolades". He sure has YOU fooled! :)

Clearly, your friend Leo has some serious deep-rooted emotional and mental issues, you are not aware of. And please don’t tell me he would never have done what he did b/c he was drugged by Nathan...that's ridiculous. Drugged the MANY NUMEROUS times he repeatedly tortured Fritz the Kitten? Again, I challenge you to share more of THAT defense!

(Continued in next post)

USCTrojanCutie said...

(Continued Comment).....

Third, your comment about how Leo “is extremely saddened by this event obviously”. Is he saddened for himself? Probably. He’s definitely not saddened for what he did to Fritz. I’ll tell you exactly why he’s “saddened”. He’s “saddened” a) for himself, b) because he’s been publicly humiliated, c) he’s embarrassed he was caught and now everyone knows his true colors. It’s like the Scarlet Letter (ever see that movie or read the book?) And, if you stating he is “saddened” means that he’s sad for what he did. I call B/S. And you’re pretty gullible to believe his admission that he's all of a sudden sorry and feels bad, if that’s what you meant. People don't do something like that, and then feel bad over it. He did it again and again, and never felt bad about it. Why now? Like I said....because he's embarassed, humiliated, a peon of society, and the public is outraged over it. That's why he's sorry. That's the ONLY reason...because he has to be sorry, or he won't get a lenient sentence. Of course he's going to put on the act of being sorry! Jeesh!

There you go! Satisfied your need to get a response…..and it was my great pleasure 


NOW SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME THAT FRITZ IS OK AND IN A GOOD PLACE? If not, I’ll fly to Iowa tomorrow and pick him up and take him back with me to sunny Southern Cal where I live and give him an amazing, compassionate, loving home. 

USCTrojanCutie said...

Interesting article I found online:

Cedar Rapids, IA- Just a month after being convicted of animal cruelty charges, an Iowa City man had another run in law enforcement. This time for operating while intoxicated and drug possession.

Leo Nopolous, 21, was pulled over by police just after 1 a.m. Sunday night because one of his front headlights was out. During the stop, police noticed Nopolous smelled of alcohol and he was asked to participate in field sobriety tests, according to the Des Moines register.

A breathalyzer test showed that Nopolous’ blood alcohol content was 0.123 and upon intake police found a small bag of a white powdery substance in his wallet which Nopolous confirmed was cocaine. He admitted to police he has a substance abuse problem, according to the Register.

Jon said...

I'm not sure where Fritz is. hopefulky he's now safe.

Yeah, I'd seen the newer articles about Leo, but declined to blog about those updates. I'm hoping that he takes care of whatever struggles he's encountering right now.

USCTrojanCutie said...

@Jon Why are you not posting updates anymore - hopefully Leo's Friend is not the reason?!

Jon said...

It's not that I'm not open to updates. It just seems like kicking the man when he's down to blog about his latest arrest. I'm sure I'll update again when we get to the actual sentencing.

USCTrojanCutie said...

@Jon Disagree - It's his own fault he's "Down".....and the more I learn about him, the more I could NEVER feel sorry for him. First, for what he did to Fritz, but moreover, because he came from a well-to-do family (or as well-to-do as you can get in the small Iowa town where he came from). There was mention of his father buying a building and he was going to turn it into a business and the building was $100k. That would buy a piece of a house out here in Cali. So "well-to-do" is relative. however, I do note that his mother is a prominent psychiatrist. I was really surprised, because he came from a seemingly good family, and yet, he did what he did to Fritz, and then goes off and gets arrested for a DUI and is found with cocaine. Where was his family at the time, and what is wrong with him? I read another post online on another site from one of this friends who was defending him and saying how he (Leo) is "just fine" and owns an accessories (or some fashion company with another guy in New York), and was re-assuring everyone that Leo is just great. So there you go. He's not down, Jon. He's perfectly fine according to this other friend of his.