Thursday, October 9, 2014

"Archie Meets Predator" in Spring 2015!!

I've been driving all over Iowa today and then returned to find out this bit of crazy news: Archie Comics and Dark Horse Comics are teaming up for what appears to be a four-issue limited series titled ARCHIE MEETS PREDATOR!!! It's possible that this will be a storyline within the main ARCHIE title, but that's not the impression I get from reading the various articles. It's scheduled to come out in Spring 2015 and will be written by Alex de Campi and penciled by the great Fernando Ruiz.

This is what I know. Archie and the Riverdale Gang will be vacationing in Costa Rica during Spring Break. There is a "best-dressed contest" for the girls and Betty apparently cheats by borrowing Cheryl Blossom's clothing. And then a Predator ends up stowing away back to Riverdale within one of Veronica's clothing trunks. It sounds like we're also to be treated to some cartoonish gore -- but if I've learned anything from the "Predator" franchise, it's that you should never carry a weapon around them. Otherwise, they tend to leave you alone.

I really like this bit from the USA Today interview:
My versions of the characters will really go back to the mid-1940s Archie stories(!!), where Betty and Veronica had a little more edge to them. There's a wonderful Bob Montana/Joe Kubert sequence from 1948 that I love where Veronica is asking Betty if she has a winter sport, and Betty says, "No, only Archie," with this look in her eyes like "I am all alone, with my obsession."

My Veronica is the slightly thoughtless socialite who wants Archie because he is the one thing she can't buy, while Betty is a somewhat fragile obsessive who believes Archie is hers and only hers because they grew up together

We use pretty much all the Archie cast in this story, though. The Blossoms play an important part, and in total 10 kids go on the holiday to Costa Rica. Only Dilton and Ethel stay home, and they play big parts in the latter half of the story, as does Sabrina briefly. 
I'm all about these characterizations of Betty and Veronica!! 

I'm sure we will learn more in the weeks to come!

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