Monday, October 6, 2014

Mega Man Rushes Into Space in MEGA MAN #41!

The last several issues of MEGA MAN have blended the future with the present, as we've been treated to the adventures of Mega Man and his future brother Mega Man X. MEGA MAN #41 returns 100% of our focus on the Mega Man's present day adventures with a new storyline titled "Legends of the Blue Bomber!"

Back in issue #36, all sorts of craziness happened. Dr. Wily went on trial for various robotic crimes against humanity -- and actually won! He convinced the Judge, Mega Man, and Dr. Light that he was under the influence of an alien computer menace named Ra Moon. Dr. Wily was placed in Dr. Light's custody and told to avoid work with robots, but otherwise everything turned out okay!

While at Dr. Light's home, Wily hatched a scheme -- along with an assortment of rogue Robot Masters -- to steal several elements needed to operate a giant new robot named Gamma. Mega Man has been searching for those Robot Masters ever since... and inadvertently falling into a series of traps set by Dr. Wily himself.

Surprisingly, nobody but Roll, Mega Man's sister, seem to suspect that Dr. Wily is up to no good!

Mega Man's search for the evil Robot Masters has led him into space. He's on his own and need to single-handedly locate eight separate energy elements. Normally, that wouldn't be an overly daunting task. Mega Man has a lot of allies. But he only has his robo-dog Rush with him on this mission. So he's pretty much isolated if things turn out really bad!

Mega Man ends up fighting two separate battles against two different Robot Masters: Top Man and Snake Man. Top Man depends on game-like traps and speed to take down his enemies. Snake Man prefers to utilize stealth-like hunting and hypnotic fear techniques to overwhelm with prey. It's clear that each enemy in this series of fights -- and it looks like we're promised at least six other fights before this mission is through -- will get progressively tougher to defeat.

Can Mega Man keep it together long enough to collect all eight energy elements??

"With Grace, Without Fear" is written by Ian Flynn, penciled by Powree, inked by Gary Martin, lettered by John Workman, and colored by Matt Herms.

By the way, I was reading MEGA MAN's letter column in this issue and saw the following letter and response:
We have spent the last several issues learning about Mega Man X, Dr. Cain, and the Maverick Hunters. I really want to see these guys return. I want to see more of X's adventures. I want to learn about Zero's dubious past. I want to learn the mystery behind Dr. Cain's Reploid rehab program. Basically, I want to see more about this future timeline -- either as an ongoing back-up feature in the MEGA MAN comic book or in their own comic book title.

If you agree with me, please send your letters and/or emails to...

c/o Archie Comic Publications, Inc.
PO Box #419
Mamaroneck, NY 10543-0419

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