Sunday, October 26, 2014

My Day at the 2014 Iowa City Metaphysical Expo

I spent most of yesterday at the Johnson County Fairgrounds attending the Iowa City Metaphysical Expo. I learned of it a month or so ago and was intrigued enough to check it out. I'm not sure how you would describe me. I guess I'm a hopeful skeptic. It seems like a lot of garbage when I ponder everything, but then I totally find myself drawn to real life psychics, ghosts, and mediums. Not enough to consult with psychics, but enough that I totally would if I didn't feel embarrassed about spending that money!

Despite all this, I decided to check out the expo. The price was totally affordable ($5) and it was just a ten minute drive from my home with plenty of free parking. Plus -- even though there were several psychics and ghost hunters coming to the expo -- there was more to the expo besides psychics and ghost hunters. There were a few local shops that specialize in oils, crystals, and other spiritually-themed merchandise, there was one chiropractor (more on him later), and two or three Reiki healers.

I went to the expo with the goal of receiving one Reiki session and then sticking around as long as I found something to interest me. I ended up NOT getting a Reiki session, but I ended up staying at the expo for most of the day!

Iowa City Metaphysical Expo had a very good mix of speakers. I always judge an event by how well they juggle the speakers/panels and how difficult you find it to choose between speakers while you are there. There wasn't a huge gap between panels at yesterday's expo (10-15 minutes) and there were two times where I found himself struggling to choose between one speaker or the other. Which is pretty good for a one-day event.

I started the day at a panel called Shamanic Healing: The Joyful Journey by Steve and Angel Lyle. I don't know a lot about shamans, but have always been curious. The Lyles have been practicing shamanic practitioners since the mid-00s. They shared some of the concepts behind their beliefs and told about their time studying in Peru amongst other shamans. I still struggle to define their work -- but I really felt drawn to them. I got on their emailing-list so who knows where this might lead someday?

The next event I attended was Paranormal Investigation with Unknown Darkness. Unknown Darkness is a team of paranormal investigators (AKA ghost hunters) from nearby Cedar Rapids, IA. They are also the official team connected with Edinburgh Manor in nearby Jones County, IA. They told about their group and shared a few pet theories behind ghost manifestations. My only complaint is that they ran into problems connecting their computer to the projector and that there wasn't much time. This panel was only scheduled for 30 minutes. It was one of the more popular panels and I could easily see them filling up another 30 minutes without much difficulty.

I decided to take a break at this point from the speakers and checked out the exhibition hall. It was there that I stumbled onto the booth for Total Health Chiropractic in neighboring Coralville, IA. They were offering free 10-minute massages and Spinal EMG Scans. I really wanted a massage (my back was killing me!!) and so I did the spinal scan while I waited. Dr. Hammes noted what I already knew: I have a screwed up back. Over the course of our conversation, he learned that I have plantar fasciitis in my left heel right now. I've been struggling with it for about four months and have tried everything to overcome it except for cortisone shots. He told me that he's used chiropractic treatment to successfully treat plantar fasciitis in others and gave me his card. I already see a different chiropractor and don't anticipate leaving him, but I do think I'll be call Dr. Hammes about my foot this week. *fingers crossed!!*

I then decided to splurge and spent $25 to attend a two-hour event with the keynote speaker, Diana Palm. She is a "medium, paranormal investigator, afterlife researcher and author of Setting Spirits Free." She shared her background and how her gifts led to her interest in helping people communicate with deceased loved ones and healing from spiritual harm. She investigates haunted areas and works to help trapped ghosts cross over into the other side. She also shared several EVP recordings and ghostly photographs that she has captured over the years. My biggest take-away: We all have angelic guardians. We all choose (on some spiritual level) when we are to die. And once we die, we have up to nine days to cross over. If we miss that window, then we're pretty much earthbound as unhealed ghosts and need help from others to cross over -- though this window may re-open after a few centuries.

I then sat through a Gallery Reading with a married couple from northern Minnesota called 2GuysInTheKnow. They offer paired psychic readings to their customers. They shared how their own abilities manifested and also why they decided to create their unique dual readings. The rest of the hour was spent with them offering mini readings to random expo attendees. I never know what to ask psychics -- especially in a public setting. But it was interesting to watch Eric and Bert banter back and forth answering questions ranging from "My friend struggling emotionally in life. Has she finally found peace in death?" to "Who is Judith to me?" to "Who is my spiritual guide?" My biggest take-away: We all have angelic guardians and spiritual guides. They nudge us where we need to be; though we resist those nudges and need to work harder to identify those nudges. Also, our angels are there to help us. If you need something, ask them for help. And be specific about what you are asking for. A generic request for more money might result in finding a quarter on the street if you're not specific enough.

It was after 4 PM by this point and I really needed to head home. So I thanked the organizers and took off. They have already planned the 3rd annual Iowa City Metaphysical Expo for late October 2015 and I'm sure I will be there. The one thing that I would like to see next year that I didn't see yesterday is an animal communicator or pet psychic. I know of at least one local pet psychic and I would really like to learn more about this specialized psychic gift.


Eric said...

Hey John, it's Eric from 2GuysInTheKnow. It was great to meet you at the IC expo. Bert and I are both able to communicate with pets and do it regularly. If you've got questions about just shoot us an email and we'll be glad to respond. I don't think we could handle a house with 4 dogs and 2 birds if we couldn't communicate with them!

Jon said...

Thanks! I just might do that!

Stephanie Ryan said...

Hi Jon, I just stumbled across this blog post today. Thank you for writing such a lovely account of your experience last year. We had an animal psychic the first year, but she moved away. If there is something you would like to see in 2016 please let me know! We look forward to seeing you on the 24th. Thanks, Stephanie Ryan, Co-chair Iowa City Metaphysical Expo