Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Netta Begood Captures My Imagination in ARCHIE'S FUNHOUSE #9!

I was reading through the rest of ARCHIE'S FUNHOUSE #9 during my lunch hour today and read part of an old favorite storyline that originally appeared in ARCHIE & FRIENDS #126-129 featuring Chuck Clayton. The story -- "The Cartoon Life of Chuck Clayton" -- had Chuck volunteering at a grade-school classroom teaching the kids how to create comic books. It was written by Alex Simmons and drawn by Fernando Ruiz. Make sure that you read that story every month when you pick up your copy of ARCHIE'S FUNHOUSE!

The reason I'm writing about this story -- and I do have a reason -- is because I love these made-up Golden Age comic book characters:

One of the things that I loved about "The Cartoon Life of Chuck Clayton" was the abundance of really cool made-up comic book characters -- most of whom only appeared in one or two panels. But I can't help wishing that I could see some adventures featuring Ollie the Ostrich or Netta Begood!

I think it would be pretty great if Archie Comics began publishing an anthology filled with new stories featuring familiar folks like the Riverdale Gang -- but also some new folks like Netta! I want to see this!!

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