Saturday, November 29, 2014

Iowa City Residents Protested Walmart at Black Friday

I didn't do any Black Thursday or Black Friday shopping this past weekend. I was visiting family and pretty much out in the sticks. But even if I was home, I probably wouldn't be shopping. I cannot stand the crowds. But the local Press-Citizen had a story about what others in the Iowa City/Coralville area were doing on these special shopping days.

A handful of shoppers were interviewed, but there were also several paragraphs devoted to a member from my church, as she protested with others against low-wages and rampant commericialism:
A few hours later Friday, Ann Zerkel, a member of Faith United Church of Christ in Iowa City, helped organize a protest outside the Iowa City Walmart Supercenter. Up to two dozen people stood along Highway 1 holding signs that read, "Respect = Living Wage," "Can't Survive on $7.25" and "Low Wages Hurt America."

"We picked this day because it traditionally is a shopping day, and we expect to see and be seen by a significant number of people," said Zerkel, who co-organized the protest along with the Center for Worker Justice of Eastern Iowa and the Iowa City Federation of Labor.

As cars passed by, Iowa City resident Jim Walters — who held a sign that read, "Honk for Higher Wages" — said: "Listen to 'em honk. They've been honking all day."
Incidentally, Faith UCC will be holding its annual Alternative Christmas Sale tomorrow morning following worship services. Pretty much everything is homegrown and/or homemade and the proceeds all go to benefit Heifer International.

Faith UCC is located at1609 DeForest Avenue in Iowa City. Worship services begin at 9:30 AM every Sunday morning. Faith UCC is an open, affirming, just-peace, accessible to all, economic justice covenant congregation.

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