Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Mama June & Uncle Poodle Discuss "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" Scandal on "Dr. Phil"

June "Mama June" Shannon appeared yesterday along with Mike "Sugar Bear" Thompson and her daughter Pumpkin at the "Dr. Phil" show to respond to questions about her relationship with convicted sex offender Mark McDaniel, as well as her reckless exposure of her two daughters to the man and subsequent cover-up attempts. Her interview was painful to watch. She seemed pretty clueless about the controversy and got caught up in a few obvious deceptions.

Earlier today, Dr. Phil interview Lee "Uncle Poodle" Thompson. Uncle Poodle disputed Mama June's assertion that she only saw McDaniel twice -- once briefly and by chance and secondly for 10-30 minutes to look at a house and to give Pumpkin some closure about his relation to her.

Uncle Poodle gave his account of Mama June's intimate relationship with McDaniel (also recounted here). More importantly, he took a lie detector test at the end of the program about his version of the scandal -- and passed it.

Mama June was offered the opportunity to respond:
  • There was no checking into the hotel with him (Mark McDaniel) at all. I’m still trying to find the email. I don’t know what folder I put it in.
  • I didn’t tell Pumpkin what to say. I didn’t tell Sugar what to say. They spoke what they wanted to say.
  • Pumpkin is Pumpkin’s own self. I don’t tell her what to say.  
  • He (Poodle) is very mad because the show ended. He told Sugar Bear that he didn’t receive money and said he was going to make my life hell, and he has. 
  • Lee (Poodle) doesn’t know the truth from a lie anymore. It gets real in his mind. 
  • I do not have any ill will towards TLC or Lee (Poodle). I chose not to talk to him because he’s constantly putting stress on Sugar Bear. 
  • Pretty much the whole family has cut him (Poodle) off. Now he’s trying to come up with every excuse to make people feel sorry for him, and I’m tired of it. 
  • Maybe I caused everything because I met with Mark that one time. I owned up to that mistake. What the hell else do you want me to do? 
  • It’s over with him (Poodle). It’s like beating a dead horse. 
 Hopefully, I'm done writing about "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" for a while.

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