Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Kevin Keller Grows Up in New Series!

(Originally written on 11/24/14): Jonathan Merrifield at the Riverdale Podcast aired its third "Welcome to Riverdale: The Official Archie Comics YouTube Show" earlier today. He introduced the comic books that Archie Comics will be publishing later this week, but he also relayed several questions to Archie Comics SVP of Publicity and Marketing Alex Segura.

Here was my favorite question: "I would love to learn more about the 'Kevin Keller' relaunch for next year."

Alex relayed the following piece of Dan Parent art featuring an older, hairier version of Kevin Keller.

Not much more was revealed, though Dan Parent noted that Kevin "and the gang" will be a few years older in the new series.

I've speculated in the past that this could be a story about Kevin's army years, as well as Clay's introduction to his life. But then my friend Jimmy pointed out that he's awful shaggy to be in the military. Maybe it's "Kevin Keller Goes to College??"

I can only speculate, but I'm really excited to see this bit of artwork. There is always a nagging concern in the back of my head that the new "Kevin" series will just fade away over time. This shows continued interest by the company to keep Kevin around -- which is pretty awesome!

Updated on 12/02/14: Dan Parent posted another sketch on his Facebook page this afternoon, hinting at some of the cast in the new comic book series featuring an older, furrier Kevin Keller:

The female is most likely Veronica. I'm wondering if the guy with glasses in Paul, the kid who came out of the closet and found himself inserted into a love triangle with Kevin and his ex-boyfriend Devon. I have no clue who the guy on the left is.

I really can't wait to learn more about this new series!


Anonymous said...

Kevin looks so handsome, I hope the age all the characters. I wonder what they will look like?

Jon said...

Yeah. I like this new look also -- but Husband Mark doesn't! ;)

Donny Jacobs said...

This is what Kevin should have looked like as a teen. When it comes to how their primary male characters look, Archie Comics seems stuck in the '50s. Facial hair, and either longer hair or funky Punk Rock haircuts are the norm among teenage boys now.

Anonymous said...

Kevin with facial hair Grrrrr. He looks great. I wonder Archie & the rest of the boys will have it too?