Sunday, November 16, 2014

Mama June & Uncle Poodle Wage War on Facebook!

I'm not sure what prompted it, but June "Mama June" Shannon from "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" went on the attack against Lee "Uncle Poodle" Thompson last night. It was still happening when I was getting ready for bed and I just couldn't pull myself away.

The Examiner was pretty quick about writing about it last night and did a pretty good job of summarizing the main points of contention:
One of the posts is from a fan asking if Sugar Bear has his own Facebook page. Uncle Poodle is responding on his own verified account. He says that yes he does if June didn't make him shut it off. The comment that has everyone talking though is how he said that Mama June actually set up Sugar Bear by making him a Plenty of Fish account. She tried to say that he cheated on her by finding women to date online, but if she made up the account that would make it where that is not true at all. 

Next June started posting pictures of phone conversations between herself and her daughter Anna. The worst part about is that she is sharing her phone number for all of the world to see. Mama June and Uncle Poodle are arguing back and forth with each other over how the pictures of June and sexual offender Mark McDaniel even got out in the media. Poodle says he did not sell the photos and that he was not the only one who had these pictures. He also calls June a liar more than once saying she bought Mark a car and even rented him one time.
Despite the drama, I eventually went to sleep and woke up to the following lengthy post by Alan, Uncle Poodle's fiance:

(click on images to make them more easily read)
This whole situation is a train-wreck.

Let's be clear. There are elements and nuances to this story that will never be clearly understood by those of us who aren't members of this family. I understand that Uncle Poodle's account isn't 100% accurate. But I believe his version of events much more than I believe Mama June's version of events. He's been fairly consistent and she's been doing damage control. She complains of photoshopped pics and accuses him of doing interviews for money. He pretty much reacts with anger when the rest of the family scapegoats him for June's behaviors.

Anyway, I know that Uncle Poodle most likely does not read my blog. But if you do, you need to disengage for a while. The family is looking for a scapegoat in this situation. You are the most visible member of the family who isn't one of the kids or the parent of at least one of the kids. You will be scapegoated so that everyone else can move on with each other.

It sucks. But that is what is happening.

You have Alan. You have friends. You have other family members. After Tuesday's appearance on Dr. Phil's show, you need to let go of this mess. You need to ignore their texts. You need to ignore their barbs. You need to let your earlier statements speak for themselves and refer media folks who come to you seeking a reaction to those earlier statements.

Do not let your family destroy you and your reputation. You need to let go.

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