Sunday, December 14, 2014

AFTERLIFE WITH ARCHIE: My Theory About Jellybean Jones

I blogged a few days ago about AFTERLIFE WITH ARCHIE #7. Towards the end of that post, I noted that we've been promised an appearance of one sort or another from Jellybean Jones, Jughead Jones' little sister.

As you know, AFTERLIFE WITH ARCHIE is the story of a zombie apocalypse in Riverdale USA. It started when Jughead's dog was the fatal victim of a hit-and-run car accident. Our grief-fueled hero took the dog's body to Sabrina the Teenage Witch and the two teens foolishly resurrected Hot Dog. Hot Dog bit Jughead, who in turn died and came back from the dead as a cannibalistic zombie.

Shortly after he turn, "Jugdead" confronted his parents. We definitely know that his father was killed and brought back as a zombie, but we haven't seen Mrs. Jones. Also, I've been wondering since Issue #1 about little Jellybean Jones.

After reading the teaser, it occurred to me that it would be a neat plot twist if Mrs. Jones and/or Jellybean met up with our other band of Riverdale survivors and joined the cast. We know that Jugdead is hunting our regular characters. I just think it could ramp up the tension a little bit if we added his mother and baby sister to those that he'd like to eat.

But I have another theory. We learned several months ago that Jingles the Christmas Elf would be making an AFTERLIFE appearance very soon. What if he has something to do with Jellybean's disappearance?

I am picturing a twisted variation of the Pied Piper or Rumpelstiltskin stories. What if Jingles and Sugarplum and the rest of the Christmas Elves swooped into Riverdale -- and elsewhere -- and whisked away with all of the children once Sabrina's black magic initiated the Apocalypse on the fateful Halloween Eve?

I'm not even thinking necessarily of them protecting the children, but potentially stealing them for darker, nefarious purposes. I mean, everyone else in this comic book title seems to have been perverted a bit in one way or another. Why not the Christmas Elves?

On the other hand, we also might discover that Jellybean was torn apart between panels in AFTERLIFE #1 and feasted upon by Jughead and Hot Dog. Which would be gross.

But more and more, I'm hoping for something dealing with Jingles the Christmas Elf!

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Anonymous said...

Roberto Aguirre Sacasa already said Jingles will be involved, I think in issue number 10 which seems awfully long from now. In any case, he's definitely going to be in Afterlife!