Friday, December 26, 2014

Baby Jesus Statue Stolen from Nativity and Replaced with Actual Pig's Head

A statue of Baby Jesus was stolen from the nativity scene at Sacred Hearts Church in Haverhill, MA, sometime early on Christmas morning -- and replaced with an actual pig's head (wrapped in plastic).

As of this writing, the Baby Jesus still hasn't been found. The local police are seeking assistance from the public to solve this mystery.


Donny Jacobs said...

Most Christians will hear this story and shake their heads: How could anyone be so hateful? But from the perspective of a homeless shelter resident, I see every night the hatred that produces hatred: The fascistic, hypocritical, mean-spirited and downright cruel imposition of Scriptural condemnations on people who don't believe, or who simply believe differently. In my opinion, Fundamentalists are to blame for much of the anti-Christian feeling that exists in this country! And when people see the image of Christ, more and more of them only see something that generates pain and resentment. It's tragic.

Jon said...

I actually agree with your statement quite a lot, Donny.