Monday, December 1, 2014

Fearful Police Arrest Man for Pointing Banana at Them

Two deputies from Grand Junction, CO, really need to retire. They are losing their edge. They arrested a 27-year-old man a couple Sundays back because he freaked them out. They were completely fearful of this man -- and his deadly banana.

That's right. Mesa County deputies Joshua Bunch and Donald Love said that the man pointed a banana at them while crossing the street. So they arrested him and charged him with a felony charge of menacing cops:
The deputies said they feared for their lives even though they saw that the object was yellow. Bunch wrote in the affidavit that he has seen handguns in many shapes and colors.
That's right. They say that they feared for their lives. Because the man had a fricking banana.

It seems like cops everywhere are fearful of their lives. They can shoot anyone. They can arrest anyone. Just by saying that they are in fear of their lives. Or that the person that they just shot lunged at them.


Katy Anders said...

That guy is just really lucky he is a white guy. A black guy would have been shot for it.

Jon said...

No doubt.