Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Jon's Spine: 12/05/14

Back in October, I received an electronic spinal scan from a local chiropractor. He's worked with me for a few weeks since then and recently completed an updated scan of my back. And why wouldn't you want to see an updated electronic scan of my spine??

There's a couple things to note with this scan.

I received a much more comprehensive spinal scan on 10/28/14 than I'd received on October 25th. I received a follow-up spinal scan on 12/05/14. You can differentiate the dates by the paired lines. The upper lines are from October and the lower lines are from December.

For whatever reason, there was a higher level of energy on my right side last week. I'm not sure why that was. But overall, my lower back in particular is seeing a bit of improvement and my stress score in December (100) showed overall improvement.

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