Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Mrs. Weatherbee???

I was reading ARCHIE'S FUNHOUSE JUMBO COMICS DIGEST #11 and noticed an old short story featuring Archie, Mr. Weatherbee, and... Mrs. Weatherbee??!?

Longtime fans of Archie Comics have pretty much always seen Mr. Weatherbee as a bachelor. But here we are seeing the 'Bee as a married man -- and as the victim of domestic violence in front of his own students!!

But I'm getting ahead of myself...

Mrs. Weatherbee was featured in a story titled "Ship Shape" by Samm Schwartz. Archie has been answer Mr. Weatherbee's office telephone while the principal is out to see the Glamor Queen. Meanwhile, Veronica has given Archie one of her new swimsuit studio pictures to keep him company. Archie receives a call from Mrs. Weatherbee and tells her that Mr. Weatherbee is out to see the Glamor Queen. She immediately turns green with jealousy and storms over to the principal's office -- where she proceeds to batter her husband senseless with an umbrella before realizing that the Glamor Queen is a boat.

No wonder Mr. Weatherbee isn't married anymore. If he had any sense, he got a restraining order and divorced his wife years ago!!


Anthony said...

It's the same universe where you can get away with beating up your best friends if they're within the same area code as "your girl", so psychotic abuse alone isn't enough to get a divorce/restraining order apparently. :-p

Jon said...

LOL! No doubt! ;)