Sunday, January 4, 2015

Iowa City Man Took Selfie Following OWI Arrest

An Iowa City man was arrested last weekend and charged with first-offense drunken driving. His story went viral after the Iowa City Police Department reported that he took a "selfie" prior to being placed in his cell:
According to a police report, Dunham snapped a photo of himself while being held in the OWI room, telling an officer he "just wanted to let his family know he was OK."
Police report that he had a BAC of .084. They also say that he was wearing three bar wrist bands at the time of his arrest and had slurred speech, bloodshot eyes, and an unsteady balance.

 This blogger was quite upset over the guy's charges, claiming that our "father's father's father's father" would have thrown his "arms in disgust and maybe even killing this guy for his stupidity." Which is B.S. During my father's father's father's father's time, he might have been taken to the local drunk tank and released once he'd sobered up and/or driven home by the local cop. Not that there were that hardly any cars way back then. Especially since there was no accident or actual injury associated with this charge. But that's neither here nor there.

That's said, we've seen this guy's mugshot. I'd like to see his selfie.

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