Saturday, January 17, 2015

Married Gay Man Wins on Episode of "Wheel of Fortune" // Conservative Fans Freak Out

A restaurant owner and chef from Culver City, CA, named Ken Shepski competed yesterday on "Wheel of Fortune." He's married to a guy named Doug and the two enjoy traveling. Ken ended up winning the game and a final total of $64,078 in cash and prizes.

Congrats, Ken!!

It was a pretty ordinary game -- except for the fact that he acknowledged his husband instead of his wife, and his husband blew him a kiss from the audience, and the two men hugged each other after Ken solved the final Bonus Round.

Judging from viewer comments on Facebook and Twitter, you would have thought that something scandalous had occurred. Check out some of these snippets:

There were some positive comments, but there's definitely a vocal segment of the game show's fan base that's really upset by Ken and his husband.


JP Mackey said...

Geez - people can be so judgmental these days. If only we realized that what really matters is that the contestants win big and have fun.

Anonymous said...

I'm DOUG of Ken and Doug from Wheel..SOOOO many scary people out there. We have NO idea this would be a big deal. We were just being who we are, and living honestly. We ARE married - Ken IS my husband - legally, spiritually, and any other way straight haters like those commenting above could ever consider.

Hate is such an ugly thing.

Jon said...

Thanks for commenting, Doug! Tell Ken congrats from me.

Some people are such busybodies. Sometimes you just have to live your life and let them fret.