Thursday, January 15, 2015

Nero at Daycare -- 01/15/15 // PLUS: Learn the Origins of My Pets' Names!

Nero is getting a little stir crazy this winter. Fortunately, he still gets to go to doggy daycare a couple times weekly! He was sporting his new haircut today. What do you think?

Meanwhile, my son's birth father asked me earlier today why we named our poodle after Nero the Roman Emperor. Which seemed like a good excuse to reveal the origins of my pets' names.

Calliope Jane & Ms. Lion
Starting with Calliope Jane, who almost never gets blogged about. She's a great cat. She just gets left out a lot!

We inherited our cat from my parents. Their old dog had treed a cat on their farm and they decided that the kitten needed a safe home. I warned them that I'm not a cat person and that she might end up at the shelter, but they said they didn't care. I needed to take the cat off of their hands!

We had a smaller poodle at the time named Moogie. I'd had the privilege of naming him (after a Ferengi) and Husband Mark decided that he got the privilege of naming our next cat. If it'd been left to me, she would have been named Xena. But Husband Mark had something more classical in mind. He decided that she was to be our household muse and was given the name Calliope. Later on, her mischievous nature earned her a middle name. And that's how she got the name Calliope Jane.

That brings us to Ms. Lion.

We decided to get a second dog back when Moogie was 4-years-old. I originally was seeking a standard poodle, but instead fell in love with the runtiest pekepoo that you could imagine. I was a fan of the old "Spider-Man & his Amazing Friends" cartoon and really liked their fuzzy dog. Plus, she was half-Pekingese, which is a "lion dog." Lastly, she can be a bit of a nasty creature with a loud roar, so ultimately the name Ms. Lion ended up making a lot of sense.

Which leads us to Nero.

When we got our big poodle, I was looking for a name that was tangentially connected to Ms. Lion's name, but different enough that it didn't seem that way. Nero's father was named Prince, which prompted me to look for lion- and royalty-themed names. I eventually ran across a famous circuls lion from the late 1800s who was named Nero. And, of course, there was the famous Roman Emperor who went by that name. I liked the solidness of that name and I was able to get the others to endorse it. So that's how Nero got his name!

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