Thursday, January 8, 2015

New Kevin Keller Series = "Kevin in the City"

Archie Comics creator Dan Parent updated his website and wrote a brief entry about the new comic book series featuring Kevin Keller that is to debut sometime later this year. He didn't add much more about the series besides what we already know. Basically, "he's a bit older in this series."

But we were also given what is implied to be the title for this new series, as opposed to the title of the first story arc: "Kevin in the City."

I'm assuming that this is meant to hearken back to the "Sex and the City" HBO series starring Sarah Jessica Parker. What do you think?


Anonymous said...

I can't wait. Kevin looks so handsome.

Donny Jacobs said...

Oh, my, Jon . . . in my cartoon imagination, I can hear bed springs bouncing at Kevin's bachelor pad!

Jon said...

LOL! Donny, you're bad! :)

Jon said...

I agree, BettyReggie. I really like that new look for Kevin. :)

Jon said...

BTW, Dan Parent clarified for me on his blog that KEVIN IN THE CITY is the name of the comic book title, not the first story arc.