Thursday, January 29, 2015

Peter Davidson: Doctor Who Should Always be a Male

Here's a little known fact: My favorite "Doctor Who" was portrayed by Peter Davidson back in early 1980s. He was just asked if the next person picked to play the role of "Doctor Who" should be a woman.

He answered, "No:"
"I have trouble with the idea of a female Doctor, only because I reckon if you're born on Gallifrey a man, you're probably a male Time Lord."

Davison said the key to the success of the modern Doctor Who series was the dynamic between a troubled Doctor and strong female companion. 

"It seems to me if you reverse that, if you have an uncertain, fallible female Doctor with a really strong male companion, you've got more of a stereotype than anything else."
This question has been bandied about for decades, but the program's current producer has openly contemplated the concept of a female Doctor for several months.

As for the idea that a Time Lord cannot switch his or her gender? Well, there's already a precedent for that.

Joanna Lumley once played the role of "Doctor Who" in a 1999 charity sketch called "Doctor Who and the Curse of Fatal Death." Granted, this story really doesn't fall within the program's continuity. So I understand if others might not consider this to be a true example of a male-to-female Time Lord.

But the most recent season of "Doctor Who" just ended with a story arc involving a woman named Missy, who it later turned out was a female regeneration of the Master! So there's definitely precedent for a female Doctor.

What do you all think? Is there room in this world for a female actor to play the role of "Doctor Who?" Why or why not? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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Katy Anders said...

Immediately after regeneration, Matt Smith's 11th Doctor felt his hair and said, "I'm a girl!" So he obviously considered it POSSIBLE.

With the right actress, they could definitely pull it off. But casting a lead is so critical to this show anyway that I'm hardly saying anything by throwing that out there.

It will happen eventually. A black female gay handicapped Doctor. But with the Doctor's attitude. Yep.