Monday, January 12, 2015

So I Watched "My Husband's Not Gay" Last Night...

Remember how everyone was worked up over TLC's "My Husband's Not Gay?" I wrote about it here and here. I wasn't originally planning on watching the show, but decided to check it out about midway through the program last night.

I actually found myself wishing that I'd watched the whole thing!

The show follows four Mormon guys who struggle with "same-sex attraction." Three of the men are married to women (and two of those men are leaders within the ex-gay movement, though you wouldn't know it from watching the show) and they spent a good portion of the show helping the fourth guy to prepare for a blind date with an unsuspecting woman.

Almost every scene that I watched featured these guys ogling other guys -- sometimes with their wives, other times without their wives. For guys that were supposedly working towards overcoming sinful bouts of homo-lust, they sure spent a lot of energy defining their ideal male type.

But they're not gay. Not at all.

There was an interesting scene where one of the guys told his wife that he was planning on going camping with a group of same-sex attracted/not-at-all gay guys. She did not look happy with this news.  "Who are these guys? How well do you know them? How well do you trust them?"

It seems like he'd had an undefined "incident" at one of his earlier overnight gathering with his group of same-sex attracted/not-at-all gay guys and she's nervous that another "incident" will occur during the camp-out.

Unfortunately, "My Husband's Not Gay" is only a one-time special and not an ongoing series. Because I really, really wanted to see what happened during the camp-out and now I'll never get that chance! Unless TLC decides to go ahead and air an entire first season.

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Donny Jacobs said...


For years, I've heard of these "ex-Gay/SSA-afflicted" camping trips. Pathetic! There's always some kind of incident that begins with "innocent" hugs. Now, if they would just admit to being Gay, they could have boring camping trips where nothing sexual happens. Like ordinary Gay men have all the time!