Friday, January 16, 2015

U.S. Supreme Court to Hear Gay Marriage Cases from KY, MI, OH, and TN!

The Supreme Court of the USA will be hearing marriage equality cases from Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, and Tennessee soon -- most likely in late April 2015:
The Supreme Court agreed Friday to resolve the national debate over same-sex marriage once and for all. The justices will consider four cases from Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee, consolidated and heard together. They will hear 2 1/2 hours of oral arguments in April and issue a ruling before the current term ends in late June.

The new challenge to states' gay marriage bans is destined to become even more of a landmark than the two cases decided by the court in 2013 — United States v. Windsor, which forced the federal government to recognize gay marriages, and Hollingsworth v. Perry, which made California the 13th state to allow them.

Those rulings, while historic, did not resolve the threshold questions in the debate: whether gays and lesbians have a constitutional right to marry, or whether states have the right to ban the practice. This spring's case will answer those questions.
I know that a lot of folks are excited about this. I'm not. I'm inherently pessimistic. That way, if it works out then I'm pleasantly surprised. If it doesn't, then I can point and scream, "I told you so!"


Donny Jacobs said...

Although most people don't believe it can happen, it is still possible for SCOTUS to reverse marriage equality advances all over the country. Among the reactionary justices, there is certainly the will to do that! However, if they succeed, I predict a "Dred Scott" effect that will fire marriage equality activism to a fever pitch and divide the American people in a way not seen since the movement to abolish slavery.

Jon said...

Selfishly, at least in Iowa our gay marriage case was based off our state constitution, not the federal constitution.