Tuesday, February 17, 2015

ARCHIE Ends With Issue #666 in June 2015

We learned a while back that Archie Comics will be canceling and relaunching ARCHIE sometime in 2015. The relaunch will feature updated characters, looks, and storylines and will be created by writer Mark Waid and (initially) artist Fiona Staples. We learned earlier today that the current run of ARCHIE will be ending in June 2015 and the series will be ending with Issue #666:
"Archie" #666 will be written by comics veteran and former Marvel Comics Editor-in-Chief Tom DeFalco -- who has contributed multiple stories to Archie in recent years -- and illustrated by Dan Parent, Fernando Ruiz and Pat and Tim Kennedy; illustrators who have defined the more traditional Archie art style in the modern era. As of the relaunched "Archie" #1, the classic Archie look will remain in original stories released in the digest format, but Archie Co-CEO Jon Goldwater has indicated that a new approach, as represented by artists like Staples, will be dominant in single-issue stories.

Plot details are light at this time on "Archie" #666, but it definitely appears to be of a retrospective theme, described as a "dazzling journey through the world of Archie with plenty of winks and nods to what's come before." Additionally, the six covers of "Archie" #666, all by Parent, will connect to showcase a wide range of Archie main players and supporting characters, anchored by Archie, Betty, Veronica, Jughead, Kevin Keller and Reggie. CBR has the first look at both the solicitation text for "Archie" #666, and not-final versions of the six covers. 
There are some rough Dan Parent sketches of other covers including one featuring Betty (with Veronica, Kevin, Trev, and Brigitte in the background), one featuring Veronica (with Marcy, Harper, Sherry, Big Vic, and Chunk in the background), one featuring Jughead (with Big Ethel, Shrill, Hot Dog, (maybe) Cricket, and one other girl in the background -- help me out!!), one featuring Reggie (with Nancy, Chuck, Two-Fisted Toni Topaz, and Ginger Lopez(??) -- help me out again!!), and one featuring Kevin (with Raj, Amisha, Kumi, and Pencilneck G).

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Donny Hampton Jacobs said...


I'd like to think my fan art fantasies featuring the Archie characters may have pushed Archie Inc in this more adult direction. Who knows? But these kinds of experiments are risky! There's no telling how the fans will respond to a new look and edgy characterizations.