Monday, February 2, 2015

Christian Website: Katy Perry Promoted "Dark Magic and LGBT Agenda" During Super Bowl Halftime Concert

I learned today that Katy Perry did her part to promote a pro-gay, pro-black magic agenda during last night's Super Bowl half-time concert. According to a far-right Christian website called "Now The End Begins", the Illuminati brought out "ex-Christian Katy Perry" to deceive the masses:
So, let’s see how former Christian Katy Perry did compared to previous years:

  • Katy Perry opened riding a golden monster with glowing-red satanic eyes. singing the lyrics to her hit “Dark Horse”, partially quoted in the photo above. Read those words closely, it’s the Devil speaking, and he is coming for you if he can.
  • She performed her LGBT fan favorite “I Kissed A Girl”, leading as many young women as will follow her into experimentation with the LGBT perverted lifestyle.
  • Perry closed with another pro-LGBT song called “Firework” where she floated over the audience riding a shooting star with the LGBT rainbow as it’s tail.
The New World Order and Illumination agenda is being hammered into our children at a feverish rate, using catchy lyrics and a non-stop droning drumbeat with overwhelming power chords.
Parents, protect your children if you love them. All of this junk, every bit of it, is poisoning their minds and turning them away from God. Katy Perry is the perfect poster girl for the New World Order because she used to be a Christian, and now mocks the God she once served.
Of course, even the far-right refuses to consider the catty evil that was perpetrated yesterday by Katty Furry during the Puppy Bowl Half-Time Concert. But nobody ever takes cute little animals seriously...


Katy Anders said...

I think they sort of feel an obligation to find something to be offended by in everything.

However, so far as I could tell, Lenny Kravitz actually sang the line "I kissed a girl and I liked it" last night.

Beyond that, I totally went out and tried to summon Satan today because of what i lived in the halftime show.

Jon said...

Yeah, it's all about finding outrage these days.

I seriously couldn't tell you anything about the Super Bowl or the halftime concert. I totally skipped it this year. :)