Sunday, February 1, 2015

Fired "Gaystapo" Editor Fails to Raise Money to Support New Iowa-Based Conservative News Website

Do you remember Bob Eschliman? He was fired from his role as newspaper editor from the Newton Daily News by his corporate employer, Shaw Media, back in May 2014. He got in trouble for writing a blog post criticizing the "Gaystapo" and a book called the "Queen James Bible." Eschliman filed an EEOC complaint against his employer and I'm still not sure how that turned out.

But I just learned today that Eschliman recently launched a $100,000 crowdsourcing campaign so that he could bolster his new online conservative news site called The Iowa Statesman. Here is why he says you should support him:
Iowans and people interested in Iowa politics are desperate for a legitimate news organization covering government and politics as they apply to them everyday.
The Iowa Statesman plan is to cover all levels of government and politics through a combination of on-staff mobile journalists and strategically placed writers who will provide crowdsourcing coverage.

We will make strategic partnerships along the way with other national media outlets that will expand our reach, and provide the rest of the nation with a better look at the first-in-the-nation caucus state.

By donating to this cause, you will be championing a free press for all of Iowa, while providing a real voice for our shared values.
The $100,000 would have gone towards the Iowa Statesman's infrastructure.

Unfortunately, his campaign goal fell far short, only securing $4,656 towards his fundraising goal by the campaign's 01/31/15 deadline.

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