Monday, February 9, 2015

Have You Heard About Charlton Neo??

Several months ago, I learned about Charlton Neo, which is a resurrection of the classic Charlton Comics line. It's headed up by Editor-In-Chief Mort Todd, Executive Editor Paul Kupperberg, Managing Editor Roger McKenzie, and Assistant Editor Dan Johnson and features tons of art and stories by various comic book pros, such as the previously-mentioned guys, Chuck Dixon, Fernando Ruiz, Joe Gill, Sandy Carruthers, Pat & Tim Kennedy, and a whole host of others. These folks have mostly volunteered their time and talent towards resurrecting these characters, but the hope is that more and more fans will step up and support this line of comics, which in turn will allow the line to grow and prosper.

The current titles include THE CHARLTON ARROW #1-3, CHARLTON WILD FRONTIER #1, and PAUL KUPPERBERG'S SECRET ROMANCES #1. Plus, there are some great black-and-white reprint stories from the 1970s called CLASSIC HOT RODS #1-4. You cannot get any of these titles at your local comic book shop, but you can order them from this page or you can order them digitally off of for your Kindle device. There are some other interesting looking titles on the website, such as a photo-comic called SADISTIK and stuff from a fictional 1950s Zeus Comics line that looks interesting too.

I've purchased two of the CLASSIC HOT RODS titles, plus two issues of THE CHARLTON ARROW title. The latter two titles are anthology comics books, which are nice because there's a little for everyone (heroes, horror, humor, and romance). I'm looking forward to purchasing the SECRET ROMANCES book soon, as well as the CHARLTON WILD FRONTIER title (western themed).

Most recently, the Charlton Neo guys launched a new PIX-C WEB COMICS page, which promises to feature weekly comics from a variety of comic book pros, including writers Bradley Mason Hamlin, Paul Kupperberg, Roger McKenzie and Mort Todd and artists such John Severin, Steve Ditko, Sandy Carruthers, Kevin Halter, Arden Belfry, and P.D. Angel Gabriele.

Mort Todd launched a fundraising page for PIX-C WEB COMICS through Patreon, which not only gives you ongoing access to the web comics, but depending the amount that you donate you can also receive periodic copies of print comic books, t-shirts with Charlton Neo print designs, copies of autographed scripts and artwork, and/or original commissioned artwork, among other incentives. I went ahead and decided to contribute $30 per month towards Charlton Neo, and would encourage you to check out what they have to offer as well.

I received a link to PIX-C WEB COMICS this weekend and finally got the chance to check out the first batch of weekly strips today. Initial offerings include CELEBRITY BIOGRAFIX, FRANKENSTEIN 9, MOLLY THE MODEL, SADISTIX PHOTO COMICS, THE SKYMAN, THE SPOOKMAN, and VIVA LOS COMEX. Another title called N.E.O.: NON-SEQUENTIALLY EVOLVING ORGANISM is also listed, but not yet started yet.

I plan to do reviews of some of the Charlton Neo-related comics that I have in the future. In the meantime, I encourage you to check out the "Charlton Neo" and "Charlton Arrow" Facebook groups. Both pages are quite active and feature promotional information about the Neo line, as well as classic Charlton Comics cover and out-of-context panels from classic stories. Plus there are tons of comic book pros on both pages and who doesn't enjoy hobnobbing with comic book pros??

More later!

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