Monday, February 16, 2015

Lisa Whelchel of "The Facts of Life": Christians Deserve their Anti-Gay Stigma

I've written about my love of the old "The Facts of Life" 80s sitcom in the past. It's very sad, but I used to pretend that I was the first boy admitted to Eastland School so I could hang out with Mrs. Garrett and the girls. I have the first several seasons of the program on DVD and often binge on those old episodes.

I wrote back in 2011 about an untrue National Enquirer article that Lisa Whelchel (AKA Blair) had snubbed longtime friend and former co-star Geri Jewell (AKA Geri) because Whelchel is a born-again Christian and Jewell is a lesbian. I later found out from Jewell that there was no truth to the story. The women don't interact much, but there is no animosity between them. I corrected the first story here and here.

Whelchel recently appeared on a YouTube program called "The Justin Root Show." They discussed her involvement with "The Facts of Life" and her television career. They also discussed her Christian faith and her thoughts on gay people. Basically, she believes that Christians have earned their anti-gay stigma:
It's not like there are some loud voices that wear the one-way Jesus shirts and point fingers. Sadly, that is the voice and that is the poster child for Christianity and the unacceptance of people that  choose differently. Or are born differently. Because even that you have to be careful of saying "choose differently." You know, that's an electric rod right there. And so I'm sorry about that and I'm sad for that because that is not at all what Jesus taught. He taught us to follow him and he never made a deal about it and if he did make a deal, it was about acceptance and love and grace. And so I'm sad that is the stigma that Christians have deserved unfortunately.
They also speculated on whether or not Jo would have been written as a lesbian if "The Facts of Life" was produced today.

I was also reminded to a storyline from the sitcom's first season where Blair gay-baited Cindy for being a tomboy.

I also learned that Whelchel prefers Mrs. Garrett over Beverly Ann.

Anyway, follow the link and learn all about "The Facts of Life," as well as her involvement with "Survivor" and "Friends."


Anonymous said...

I hope Lisa realizes that being against the PRACTICE of homosexuality IS NOT the same as being against gay HUMAN BEINGS. I love gay people but I don't support or condone their lifestyle. But I also don't condone them being bullied, beat up, threatened, murdered and harassed because they are gay. Jesus loves them and so do I but Lisa is wrong for saying what she did.

The bible says that all who live Godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution. All Christians don't judge and hate gay people. Some of them hate us for telling them Jesus loves them and some hate us because they're aware we are Christians although we've never said one bad or judgmental thing to or about them. That's persecution and no Christian who is living for God is under the radar. Even Jesus wasn't above reproach and we definitely are not. Did He EARN the persecution He got?

I wish she would consider that it is possible to love someone and disagree with them at the same time. I don't want ANYONE to get aids or HIV or go to hell, gay or straight. Neither does God. Jesus taught us to love all but He also taught us to teach the truth in love. If you're not willing to speak the truth when someone needs to know you don't truly love or care about them.

It's not fair to turn against your fellow Christians because you're tired of not being accepted by EVERYONE. There's no such thing as EVERYBODY liking you all the time. I know. I was a bit of a people-pleaser and went out of my way to be extra kind to everyone for much of my youth. Most of the people who hated me then for no good reason still hate me now. But so what. All that matters is Jesus loves me. He's the only one I'm trying to please. And I can't do that if I'm willing to compromise my Christian values in any way. I have to be true to Christ.

Jon said...

Thanks for commenting, Anonymous.

Here's a tip: Gay people don't want to hear you preach against us and our families. We don't all have AIDS or HIV. In fact, lesbians are the least likely of sexual couples (gay, het, or lesbian) to contract the disease. But even if some of us do have AIDS or HIV, we still don't need to hear your busy-body comments.

You say that you disagree with Lisa Whelchel. I get that. But she argued that Christians have earned the stigma of being anti-gay. Your comments here surely aren't "pro-gay," correct? So why are you objecting to her statements when you've pretty much confirmed her assessment of Christians?

I don't hate you. Heck, I don't know you. But I have no time for someone who feels the need to lecture me against my "lifestyle," which consists coordinating two jobs, a home with my husband and sons, trying to get a new community radio station on the air, and occasionally blogging.

But thanks again for commenting.

LovelyLady said...

Guess what Jon, I don't give a damn what gay people want cause I'm not trying to please them. I'm trying to please Jesus. Gay people have earned the stigma Anti-CHRIST and Lisa has earned the 'stigma' false prophet cause she's so busy trying to please gays and lesbians instead of God that she's leading you all to hell.

Did I say you all have aids or HIV? No I didn't so I suggest you sharpen your comprehension skills a bit. But the truth is that AIDS & HIV DO come from the abomination practice known as homosexuality.

Here's a tip, REAL Christians ARE NOT going to tell gay people what they WANT to hear just so they won't be offended. So don't even waste your breath attempting to 'advise' us on what to say. None of you are God. We speak as GOD leads us.

What GOD wants me to say I will say. If you get offended, oh well. You don't own the world. You don't RULE the world and you certainly don't make ANY of the rules on how to live or not live. Yet God DOES. Without my Heavenly Father you LITERALLY wouldn't have eye water to cry with. I'm going to speak the truth even if it's not convenient for gays to

It's not a lecture. It's simply the truth and you can't handle it because you hold the truth in UNRIGHTEOUSNESS. I have no time and even less tolerance for intentional blissful ignorance, arrogance, bias and nonsense in general. Have a lovely night along with a warm cup of shut the hell up. And I was referring to your gay lifestyle not your job. Enjoy living your lies.

But thanks for replying.

Jon said...

Actually. HIV and AIDS are a virus whose infection can occur in a variety of ways, including sex acts with infected people. Not just gay sex.

But thanks for commenting and thanks for demonstrating your Christian love.