Thursday, February 5, 2015

NEW CRUSADERS: DARK TOMORROW to be Published Digitally on the Archie App!

Nearly two years ago, we received the sad news that Archie Comics would not be publishing its NEW CRUSADERS: DARK TOMORROW mini-series as originally planned. They instead launched a mini-series featuring the Fox, which in turned launched their new Dark Circle line of superhero comics (starting later this month with THE BLACK HOOD).

Alex Segura had an interview posted yesterday on Comics Alliance announcing -- among other things -- that NEW CRUSADERS: DARK TOMORROW will finally be published digitally on the Archie app:
We are aware that there are long-time fans of these concepts and characters. Which is why, for example, we’ll be debuting the New Crusaders: Dark Tomorrow Special as part of our digital plans. A lot of people really enjoyed that book and we solicited a second story that many fans thought lost forever. Well, it’s not. It’ll be on the Archie app and with all our digital offerings in the coming weeks and it continues the story Ian Flynn started in the first New Crusaders mini. Now, if people want more – if they really want to see these characters – they can vote in the clearest way possible, by grabbing a copy and moving the needle
A press release on Newsarama announced that DARK TOMORROW will appear on the Archie app in March:
The New Crusaders return in this new Dark Circle Comics Special! Still reeling from the shocking death of their teammate during the events of New Crusaders: Rise of the Heroes, the group has no time to rest as a new threat attacks Impact City. There’s no room for failure—the brutal Ragnarok claims to wield the power of a god, and has no problem sending the heroes home in bodybags. Can the New Crusaders pull themselves together and avert catastrophe?
In the meantime, check out the Archie app right now and you will find digital reprints of BLACK HOOD #1-2 (published under their Impact line), BLACK HOOD #1-3 (published under their Red Circle line), and ORIGINAL SHIELD #1-4 (published under their Red Circle line). Other Red Circle titles will be appearing digitally soon.

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