Sunday, February 1, 2015

Super Bowl Sunday Tribute to Jack "All-American" Magniconte and Kickers, Inc!

It's Super Bowl Sunday. Most of the country is currently watching the Super Bowl while I write this. I'm not a Super Bowl watcher. I don't even get into the advertising. It just doesn't interest me.

Normally I'll watch the Puppy Bowl instead. But that show has gotten so commercialized and different from its earliest conception that I couldn't even get excited for that.

So I thought I would quickly remember Kickers, Inc. They were a 1980s superhero football team that Marvel Comics published as part of its "New Universe" brand:
The series featured a group of former professional American football players for the fictional New York Smashers team who became a group of heroes for hire, calling themselves "Kickers Inc." They were led by Jack Magniconte, a Smashers player who gained super-human strength and endurance from a combination of exposure to radiation from the "White Event" and an experimental muscle-enhancing device.
Jack had to watch out while playing football that he didn't hurt other players because of his super-strength.

I rarely read KICKERS, INC., but I enjoyed Jack's later appearances as a paranormal army captain. Basically, Pittsburgh, PA, got blown up by a rogue paranormal hero. The U.S government ended up recalling the draft and preparing for war. And since the federal government was aware of the secret existence of paranormal people, they developed their own paranormal troop led Jack Magniconte, AKA the All-American! I really enjoyed those adventures.

Jack's last appearance was in a cheesy mini-series called STARBLAST. He and a group of other New U natives (including Nightmask, Justice, Psi-Hawk, Pit Bull, Captain Manhattan, Overshadow, and others) were brought to the Marvel Universe to fight a robotic menace named Skeletron.

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