Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Veronica Vs. Sheila Wu Over Fashion Creds // Plus Harper Lodge Returns in BETTY AND VERONICA COMICS DOUBLE DIGEST #230!

BETTY AND VERONICA COMICS DOUBLE DIGEST #230 started out with a fun new short story. It mainly focused on Veronica, who is fuming because "New Kid" Sheila Wu keeps attracting fashion pictures by Riverdale High School's newspaper. And, of course, this snatches away attention from Veronica.

Now let's take a moment and consider that Riverdale High has its own paparazzi that seek out fashion-conscious students and highlight their clothing achievements for all to see.

Back to the story... Veronica is determined to put Sheila in her place at the upcoming 2 Chic Divas Mega Concert and spends several panels scouring the stores and the internet for the perfect outfit. She really needs something that will grab everyone's attention!

Veronica finally finds the perfect dress and manages to one-up Sheila at the concert. Too bad Ronnie didn't realize earlier that she was wearing a Sheila Wu original! Oops!

This was a fun story and it made me laugh more than once.

But I really liked cameos by several supporting characters in this issue. Sheila Wu was central to the story, but Kevin Keller and Raj Patel also managed to appear. More importantly, we were treated to yet another appearance by Veronica's recently-introduced cousin, Harper Lodge (last seen here and here)! In fact, her appearance here was important to the final gag. It was good to see her again.

"Designing Divas" was written by Alex Simmons, penciled by Tim Levins, inked by Bob Smith, lettered by Jack Morelli, and colored by Digikore Studios.


Dennis said...

Sounds like Sheila Wu plays a bigger part in the story, while Harper's role is more like a cameo.

Happy to see more of Sheila, just like I was happy to see more of Shrill in B&V FRIENDS. They were among my favorites of all the New Kids.

In New Kids, it really seemed like Sheila was being set up to be "Veronica's Rival", just like Reggie is "Archie's Rival". It also seemed like Cloe Mancuso was being set up to be "Betty's Rival". I hope to see Cloe return soon in a substantial role in a new story.

Jon said...

Sheila is really more of a source of motivation. I'm pretty sure that Harper has more lines between the two of them. Either way, it's definitely good to see more of the New Kids!

Dennis said...

Well, I've read the story now, Jon... and I'm going to have to disagree with you. Both Harper and Sheila only appear on one page each - but Sheila appears on two more pages in newspaper photos. Advantage: Sheila.

Now, it seems as though Harper has 5 dialogue balloons, while Sheila has only 1... but Sheila at least gets 3 complete sentences, while Harper only manages to complete 1 sentence ("Oh, Hi, Veronica!") and 1 partial sentence ("I bought it, and...") and the rest of her attempts to speak are cut off by Veronica. So ultimately what Sheila had to say in her 3 sentences on the one page she appeared on, made her a bigger presence in the story than what Harper wasn't allowed to say in her one page appearance. In fact, the plot requires Harper to be little more than a fortuitous opportunity (at least, so it would SEEM...) for Veronica. It was a role in the story that might have been taken by any character, even an unknown 'friend of Veronica. A little disappointing for Harper fans, I'm afraid... Veronica certainly seemed to treat her better in her first appearance.