Thursday, March 5, 2015

700 Club's Pat Robertson Advises Couple to Skip their Child's Gay Wedding

On this morning's "700 Club," Pat Robertson was asked a question from a viewer named Shari about whether or not she and her husband should attend their gay child's wedding. One parent felt that the marriage violated God's plan and that their attendance would send the wrong message. The other parent felt that they should attend in order to support their child and maintain their relationship.

Robertson told the couple to stay home:
You want to ask my opinion. I think you don't agree with the idea of homosexual marriage and yet you say gay. I don't know if you mean two men or two women. You don't say, but it's not heterosexual marriage. You don't agree with it... You got to stand there and be a witness to it. By your attendance at the ceremony, you are agreeing with it. We used to say "Anybody who opposes this, let him speak or forever hold his peace." I just wouldn't go. I would tell your child, "I love you but I cannot condone this. We will always love you but I don't condone this activity. And so, I'm there if you need me."

It's tough. And not one of you. That indicates to me her or his conduct is splitting your marriage. You don't want to do that. Be in unity and I would say don't go.
Staying a message will send a message to the blushing brides or the gushing grooms, but I'm not sure that it's the message that Shari and her husband are wishing to communicate. They have been advised to stay home on one of the most important days in their child's life. Their absence will be felt. And it will be sharply remembered.

You can watch the video here:

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