Friday, March 6, 2015

American Gothic to Open to the Public Next Month

You have most likely seen Grant Wood's iconic "American Gothic" painting. The painting itself was created in 1930 in Cedar Rapids, IA, but the house within the painting was in Eldon, IA. In fact, the American Gothic House is still there and you can go inside of it starting next month:
Starting on April 11, the house will be open for Saturday tours. Historians are also planning to use the house for workshops and art classes. 

“The kitchen and bathroom were actually added on,” Berg said. “But the floors are the same, a lot of the interior is the same.” 

A museum and gift shop sits next to the house. That facility, which opened eight years ago, includes articles of clothing depicted in the painting for guests to take pictures. The museum is open seven days a week. 
An average of 16,000 people visit Eldon every year to check out this house.

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