Friday, March 13, 2015

Archie's Dark Circle Comics Announces Fourth New Title: THE HANGMAN!!

Do you remember way back in July 2014 when I openly desired for a Archie Comics Dark Circle comic book featuring the Hangman? Of course you do. Good news!! Dark Circle announced its fourth ongoing title: THE HANGMAN!!!!

This new series will be written by Frank Tieri and drawn by Felix Ruiz. It's scheduled to be released later this year.

Here is how Tieri described the title:
"This isn't Superman or Spider-Man. Hell, it's not even Batman. This is raw and violent and dirty and real fucking disturbing. This is the devil and demons and serial killers and the vile disgusting parts of ourselves we don't like to talk about. And yet...

this is also about redemption.

Oh, and by the way, just in case you were wondering, Spoiler Alert...

Yeah, a shitload of people are gonna get hanged."
I first fell in love with the Hangman -- or at least the concept of the Hangman -- two years ago when Archie Comics' Red Circle line published the NEW CRUSADERS: RISE OF THE HEROES mini-series (read here and here). The series was about the New Cru, but I was all about the imprisoned anti-heroes. I'm talking about Black Hood, Deadly Force, and Hangman (AKA: the heroes who kill). Of course, if you read the old MLJ super-hero stories, you will find that most of the old super-heroes killed their opponents. But times change and those guys went to jail.

This is what I loved about the Hangman. The other guys zapped their opponents. Hangman pulled out some sheets and snared his opponents around the necks with nooses. That takes talent! ZZZART!

One of these days, I will have to do a blog post about some of the Hangman's past incarnations. Because he had some pretty cool moments.

Now all I need is a comic book featuring Inferno the Flame Breather! Should I submit a proposal(??), because I've got an idea!!

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