Saturday, March 14, 2015

Check Out Archie Andrews' New Look!

All sorts of variant covers were released over the past week for ARCHIE #1, the much-anticipated relaunch of Archie Comics' ARCHIE title. This cover by Fiona Staples is probably my favorite of the bunch:

I can't help seeing a similarity to Jimmy Olson though!


Donny Hampton Jacobs said...

Archie's hair should be wavy . . . I make it hella curly! But every artist has his or her own interpretation of these characters. Fiona's Betty and Veronica had better be foxy, or she'll get slammed by fans used to the mouth-watering renditions by Dan DeCarlo, Harry Lucey and the like!

Dennis said...

Well, they'll just have to do an intercompany crossover with DC Comics between Archie and Jimmy Olsen. I mean, they could be mirror-universe counterparts, or something.

And there's no WAY Fiona's B&V can compete with DeCarlo and Lucey's.