Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Gay Marriage Halted in Alabama

Gay marriages have stopped in Alabama, following a decision by the Alabama Supreme Court:
Weeks after a United States District Court judge in Mobile ordered a probate judge there to issue same-sex marriage licenses, the Alabama Supreme Court has ordered a halt to same-sex marriages in the state

"As it has done for approximately two centuries, Alabama law allows for 'marriage' between only one man and one woman," the order said. "Alabama probate judges have a ministerial duty not to issue any marriage license contrary to this law. Nothing in the United States Constitution alters or overrides this duty."

While same-sex marriage advocates chanted "love wins" outside Alabama courthouses last month, the Alabama Supreme Court said love has little to do with legal marriage in the state. 

"This notion has broad public appeal and is, perhaps, the mantra most repeated in public discussions of this matter," the court wrote. "But although love may be an important factor in a lasting marriage, civil marriage has no public interest in whether the people seeking a marriage license love one another."
In other words, the Alabama Supreme Court says that marriage is all about maintaining the proper ratio of male and female genitals. Nothing else.

Meanwhile, many same-sex couples have already become legally married in Alabama. Those marriages exist whether or not the Alabama Supreme Court finds the proper ratio of male and female genitals.

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