Sunday, March 8, 2015

Image of Live-Action Battle Cat Released on Twitter Hinting of "Masters of the Universe" Movie

Did you know that there is a "Masters of the Universe" live-action movie in the works? I guess it's been in development for years. Last week, one of the bigwigs at Columbia Pictures posted an image of Battle Cat on Twitter.

Not much more has been posted about this new movie. Basically, this image was meant to get all of our tongues wagging about the possible/eventual movie.

Still it's cool that Battle Cat will be included in the new MOTU movie, assuming that it ends up happening. His character was excluded along with Orko from the original 1987 MOTU movie. They instead included an unknown sidekick characters named Gwildor.

With luck, we'll see new images of Orko and He-Man in the very near future!

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